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  1. The rover was spinning so I just had to time the thrusters when I was pointing in the right direction. I'm convinced that I would have never come down otherwise. I had to take a risk to exit and refuel. Thankfully I stayed right next to it and was able to get back inside. In order to get the height to leave the atmosphere you need to be sort of spiraling. Otherwise the rover is always falling forward slightly and you'll just come back down in a big arc. I launched off of the steep side of a mountain.
  2. Had to do a space walk to refuel. Finally was able to make it back home.
  3. Should make a survey for this so the data can be seen.
  4. Found this earlier topic that basically covers it. Sorry for the repost.
  5. I love the filters and always keep a compound with me just in case. That's when they are supposed to be used (in an emergency). They are the most space efficient sources of oxygen already, but largely they are wasted. If you have a filter equipped, they start working as soon as you get off an oxygen supply. Obviously if your oxygen is full you don't need the filter anymore. With the changes to the auxiliary slots having hotkeys, it got me thinking that it would be really nice to be able to activate the filter manually. That way you could activate it when you needed it, and keep the filter
  6. What blueprints would you like to see available if there there was a Large Printer? Obviously large versions of all the existing medium objects, but what new (large) devices can you imagine for this game?
  7. Currently the small fabricator seems to not have much use other than "bootstrapping" a new base. I think the way the backpack has a 3D printer has made sense in the game thus far, but going forward I would like to see it replaced by the small fabricator. This would mean that it could now print everything that the backpack can make. It could even function almost the same as it currently does, by keeping the extra slots on the bottom of the backpack and placing a small fabricator there. Or if you know you aren't going to need to print anything, you would be able to have one more slot available.
  8. To add to what KeeblerOrc said... If you think about how many storage slots you can store per area, a medium storage with 8 medium platforms would beat one large platform in terms of efficiency. I'm not sure what situation this would be useful, but the point is it has a place when mobility and packing efficiency are required.
  9. I can foresee a future where they add adjustable sensors, timers, and actuators that make all kinds of power automation possible. For example switching to generator power when the sun is down might be possible. Excited at the potential with this line of thinking!
  10. Wow can't believe you guys tweeted this. Guessing you had something to do with it? Thanks
  11. I think that would add unnecessary complexity to the terrain. Right now it only have to keep track of position of polygons, but to also apply physics to them could be horribly inefficient. Maybe they will add terrain physics in the future like you are suggesting (any terrain segments that are surrounded by air falling), but I highly doubt it considering the computational overhead (Imagine digging out a mountain). I for one think it's cool that it doesn't and like the surreal nature of the terrain. How else would you build a ramp to space. Another option might be to have a higher minimum t
  12. I hadn't even thought about this. Would definitely be incentive to unlock them. I hope they make it a challenge to unlock, Maybe you have to start a new game using the new suit to unlock the next one. Would require a lot of gameplay.