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  1. My PC edition of this still will not allow me to load and save a new save point on the game i have over 50 hours on.. and my xbox edition still crashes left and right .. i have one long played game that i can't continue at the moment... we need to have an archive / save point we can control and restore to that is some how validated for use or will load save .. something..
  2. I am unable to save or move anywhere in the game at this point without loosing my work completely .. i do some things.. save.. and then it will let me continue obviously in the game but it doesn't create a save point.. I do not know what to do and wish to play the game .. what am i suppose to do. When are we going to get a patch for some of these really intrusive bugs.. on the XBOX i am unable to play at all without a crash jeff
  3. Xoxide124 on xbox Every time I try to save even after a respawning I crash this. morning . I noticed an item stuck in the chemistry lab cooker also. I cannot move forward and. Crash is now ultra predictable as it stands. Please pull profile or save file and look this is. An aggressive failure Jeff
  4. Fixed my asset list correctly but now have a save bug i can't figure out .. i keep saving to a point 1.5 days old no matter how new the save point
  5. ever since yesterday i keep saving and saving and every load i load to a point which is like nearly 1.5 days old now and have to restart from that position (lost in a valley no less making it worse) Help
  6. I save by going in and out of vehicles and space ships or habs non stop.... i spawned on a build platform for space ships and trucks a truck was already built and the ship landed on top of it.. so i existed to menu to go to m my last save which should have been the point i got in the space ship with a full load of pods nope.. i got back to nearly 12 noon and lost about 5 hours 6 hours of time
  7. Plant and the generator are lacking Coal is actually not a simple green friendly choice I suggestion similar to the tanks for fuel for space flight except methane or bio fuel. Create a converter to make it a use able gas and then attach a storage unit to the top for use and conversion. Make this an alternative fuel Jet pack for low level recon and flight load ALL storage on plate to trade ship Point to Point transfer of items from one base to another.. (allow you to name your bases) build a port and then use it for this exchange with storage bins in
  8. can say that no crashes on save with same account on PC via microsoft linked account.. and same version works on and off for a while afterwards on xbox one then crashes also power has an issue where it doesn't always work from nodes
  9. xbox one is 131.0 and windows 131.2 did a complete reinstall of xbox one still at 131.0 on xbox and 131.2 on pc... when does the rotation happen on xbox?
  10. Sadly after giving it nearly hmmmmmmmm 18 hours today.. vehicles and crashing on saves happened over 14 times Plus ... lost 4 astros... and packs.. 4 vehicles all trucks when is the patch coming out i'm xbox one but PC also had same issues using microsoft store Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Ok at first i put in 11 hours.. i was fine i then started setting up a second base.. Then started crashing left and right.. i have put in today no less than 14 hours.. and got no where #1 Vehicles Vanish.. IN GAME and during crashes #2 Crashes do not take you to the last save they take you several back and in some cases put you underground #3 Planets and Moons have now dissapeared during my exploration and no way to go home to where 90% of my resources #4 5 Vehicles trains and tethers between them have vanished from floating in the air to hidden unde
  12. ok along with my other post i'm now missing terra and its moon.. i have a white orbit.. i can't get to the other planets ant there is nothing that was there currently there any longer xbox 1 .. current version..
  13. YOUR going to love this one.. btw i do agree with alot of your points and its happened to me as well.. i was with truck but no longer.. now i'm trying to get to base where i have a 3 train rover but all my vehicles are dissapearing and resources as a result of loosing trucks Trust SHOULD HAVE a UNIQUE icon that is persistant and taller than other like a pulse beacon I make a new truck Got out.. saved game where i was.. went no more than 10 steps from truck turned around and it was gone YET all my tethers to that area are getting oxygen ROFLMAO .. WTF... seriously i have no
  14. Xbox ONE - I have found a bug which is rather easy to repeat and very annoying. .. When entering and exiting the Vehicles usually rovers and trucks.. you can crash.. sometimes it happens on its own times it happens when you touch or move any part of the controller. It then puts me back 2 3 4 times further than my last save not the last time i entered and exited the truck or rover. I have lost allot of Lithium and Titanium as a result. I was able to finally find my truck and train with tethers but i took alot more work and hours than you would think nearly 5 total 3 last night