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  1. ♫ [Alpha]Sutterkane♫

    Planet Center - Behaviors ?

    Dear Astroneer developers, What about the Centre of the Planet? I mean what will happen when I will reach the centre of the planet? I tried hard to reach it but it seems that I cannot pass through it, and I have to be back from where I come... Have you put some barrier to avoid the possibility to move to the other side? As I attached as pictures, e.g. the Astronaut fall down in the empty space, and he can comes from every side 360°, then what is going on when reached the Centre of the Planet (A)? starts to rolling without ending? (B) I am not a physic of course, but should be nice to make something about like...don't know....funny stuff?... Thank you Tommaso
  2. Good morning!!! Just to report an easy "bug" where you are playing with others, if they start to walk (HOLDING CTRL) they have this lagging weird behavior. Don't know if it a Network problem... Nothing more. Good job guys! Tom
  3. ♫ [Alpha]Sutterkane♫

    Substantial lag when placing tether

    Hi, I have same problem here, freezing for less seconds when I deploy tethers. Any news? Tom
  4. ♫ [Alpha]Sutterkane♫

    [BUG] Cannot pick up Wreck once splitted

    Thank you Whoophuam for your reply, but if it is not shredable i should anyway phisically touch it and move somewhere, because it is very annoying that I cannot remove by hands and bring it far from my base :) I hope System Era guys will permit us to have a better interaction with that kind of objects. Tom
  5. ♫ [Alpha]Sutterkane♫

    [BUG] Cannot pick up Wreck once splitted

    Dear System Era, I cannot pick up some part of wreks once splitted when I put in the LARGE SHREDDER. It seems that I cannot touch phisically... to move from my base I just drop on it any other base building, then i just roll away from the place where I drop it... Check my screenshot. Thank you for your job!!! Best Tom
  6. ♫ [Alpha]Sutterkane♫

    Astro Royale Update: April 1, 2019

    heheehe nice try
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    Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Different Beacons

    If it is possible, to put them on the ground with some specific basement that could be keep them still