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  1. It would be awesome to see procedural water like the one in cities skylines. There also should be a way to make a source of water like in minecraft with the buckets. Submarines would be a way to get into the lakes, oceans and rivers and instead of building it at a vehicle bay, it should be made in a port.
  2. When I load a saved game, it creates a gap between different levels of the ground. I don't know if it would be chunks because some of the lines are on an angle to another meaning that they are not in squares or rectangles. This results in me being able to see through the ground and if they are high enough, I can collide with them. I haven't tried hitting it with a vehicle yet but I imagine it is the same where it acts as hitting a wall. A note is that this only happens when I load a save and not when I start a new game. I had it before and after Patch 153.