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  1. The field tool does not work properly, it does not fill up at the target point in equalizer mode,impossible to do a strate line , any time in diagonal https://youtu.be/rlAUb2GOiEs
  2. same for me, i have 2 base on 2 different planet, when I go from one planet to another, I can not because the planet does not turn on their orbit.
  3. same for me , i remove the working light , and no more problem . tank you Mak-a-Face
  4. i lost my crasy rover in the sky https://youtu.be/SKaR8Duv1zw
  5. first bug : my rover dance in my base http://C:\Users\Vasco\Videos\ASTRONEER https://youtu.be/FX2J4fRkBMs second bug : for ajusting sound, the sound drop all at (0), all the time i need to re-adjust
  6. Hi, if i try to instal the blue can , between the truck and the trailer , we have a big game frezze , and crash . thx for your job, verry good game