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  1. Faster frames = smothers game-play that's all i'll say...........
  2. Some people count tedious as being hard lol....well it all a matter of perspective any who's
  3. I think this would be great for decor.
  4. This would be amazing actually.
  5. This would be cool but I think some people would exploit this and try to go to other planets without using the specific space shuttles.
  7. 2nd this motion.
  8. This would be a more refined way but the current system is fine for pre alpha.
  9. I like this idea, also maybe having hotkeys to quick swp things that your currently holding with something on your Terran tool/ backpack?
  10. I think the randomness is great considering your kind of like miners in a mine you dont know what you'll find but in the end it doesnt matter diamonds first or gold IMHO randomness and chaotic games are the best!
  11. I personally am against all sorts of classification/lists/spreadsheets that makes the game more trivial then it needs to be + it takes away a lot of the immersion.
  12. This helped me heaps thanks, easy as pie if you master these three things.
  13. Or just blow them up 1 at a time with dynamite could also solve this or trading them over the trade platform for a reduced return rate.
  14. I think this is ok system that it's not good enough to exploit but still a little bit efficient. So overall might be worth investing in.
  15. This would be so cool, brilliant idea, keep em' flowing.