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  2. Going to be working on some art for astroneer lets see if it works out lol

  3. Banned for being an overly priced stick figure
  4. Wow a network engineer for 343 if that doesnt get you Hyped what will #TOOHYPED
  5. Welcome ,Welcome ,Welcome It's great to see who is actually in the team.
  6. Cosmetics MMMMMMMM Yummy can't wait to see what he has down his pocket
  7. We all will surely miss him and his creative talent, condolences for his family.
  8. it's a space station, can
  9. Hi, I am Josh you'll know me as Sophisticatedonkey, I have over 70 hours on Astroneer so far and love every second of it even the glitches / bugs. I come from Australia I have job as bar tending and waiting to get a position into the army. (Yes there is a waiting list like wtf am I right) I also have a 3 year old son and a fiance, I love gaming (mostly space gaming) and I just recently fell in love with Forums/reddit still learning but I'll get there nice to see there isn't any trolls here yet hopefully none in the future. And lastly I am here to stick by this game and support it however I can, Happy astroneering!
  10. Thanks that's probably why I didn't see the rules/announcements headers.
  11. There is another patch coming tomorrow it might solve some of these issues your having? idk we will see but just be patient and test every new patch that comes out thats our job as early pre alpha testers/ game buyers.
  12. You can sort of fix this by either giving him the saved file so he can play it solo in his astroneer or you can try to force him to load it so tell him to dig where your tunnel is it might force him to load parts of your creation, otherwise just wait for better multiplayer optimization.
  13. Aww I really wanted to go ground floating ow and btw it's not an exploit you die most times from the lack of oxygen it's more of an fun inconvenience.
  14. So I came on to tthe forums created an account did my thing, got a warning for bumping too much (didn't even know the rules) and that brings me to this topic the Announcements and Forum Rules DID NOT show up for me at any time until a few moments ago I don't know why but it is what it is anyone who has the same problem please don't forget to write it, BUT DON'T BUMP IT!