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  1. Summary: 196 - Steam - Multiplayer Still buggy nothing changed with update 196 Description: So when my buddies and me booted up Astroneer yesterday, seeing that they fixed nearly all major problems with multiplayer we decided to give it a go. So 1st problem when a client is joining the host it sets off a reaction that lags the hell out of the host I was getting 4-10 fps my friend was getting 2-7 fps and the other dude 6-12 fps. 2nd problem is vehicles: for some reason vehicles have gotten hostile and disappear in this last patch I tried to flip my truck when it was stuck in the ground it flipped right into my Astroneer and killed me instantly (I think this has to do with the velocity change) + My friends rover was casually strolling over the terrain with him in it he gets the rover stuck next to a tree tries to flip it BAM disappears completely not in the sky not below the surface (trust me we dug nearly down to the core trying to find it) and not on another planet. 3rd we still don't sync properly with the host when we go to another planet either cant see a storm approaching when the host can, cant see things the host has built or constructed, cant see little spiked balls or boxes trying to kill you when the host can, cant see seeds that the host has put down so when they grow into a spiker we die from what appears to be thin air (our host really enjoyed doing that to us it was frustrating xD) and cannot see planets (sometimes) when flying around the solar system this bug is only for clients not hosts. 4th when picking up modules for your terrain gun or tethers or sometimes resources in multiplayer they don't display properly in the back pack (their upside down) and its really annoying due to you think its disappeared but its actually in the backpack only the wrong side up and/or sideways. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 196 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home Edition x64 | v1607 | Build 14393.1480 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 @3.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 8GB RAM: Corsair 4x8GB DDR3 1600Hz DRIVE: ADATA SP610 128GB SSD
  2. sounds cool I give it a big thumbs up!
  3. Thanks for putting in the hard work. This puts my mind on ease .
  4. No I'm not offended but you generalizing Triple A titles tilted me a little yes around 40% of them are just the same as when they first released, not really focusing on changing the dynamic game play or single path story telling but the masses love simplicity and familiar content that's why Triple A games won't change that much E.g. Halo, Cod, Battlefield, blizzard,etc... They might change they way you play story and game play and features but the core game will still be there take Halo for example they took the basic concept of halo tweaked it into a instanced mmorpg grinder with better graphics, loot and dungeons/raid BOOM Destiny is born I have no doubt in my mind Cod and Battlefield will do something the same..Like this game it seems a lot like Star Citizen but with a few tweaks simpleminded graphics (which I love don't get wrong) and a terrain tool. Innovation is keeping old game concepts alive IMHO. I have been playing games ever since pac man first come out, and what game devs are FINALLY realizing is that you either innovate your games to bring a new feel/feature/genre to it to keep it alive. At the end of the day I just want to play Astroneer with my friends I don't care about new terrain or new features or anything like that I love how the core game is right now, it's just the bugs that keep me and my friends from fully spending every waking moment in this game creating / demolishing worlds together, and with releasing a early access yea its good sure to get more money in and to help fund the development in the game...but if you think about it how are they going to sustain this development? There sales are going down as time passes on and I assume the game near FULL release will have everything fixed (hopefully) and a hole bunch of new stuff yea everyone will play it again but where is the sustainability in income for the devs after all this is a JOB for them not a side hobby how will they keep getting paid if by release of this game everyone already has it? How will this even reach release if the funds all dry up? I am scared for this game because I love it so much. Do you understand what I am saying?
  5. let me guess your 35 years or older you enjoy the old classic style games and you don't take the time to actually read into the lore of AAA games. Overwatch, Street fighter, Dishonored 2, Persona 5, Dark Souls III, Uncharted 4, Outlast 2, Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, Resident Evil 7, Tom Clancy's The Division if you really say that these games that I'm mentioning now have shit story, shit content, buggy and simple with little challenge to the player you are far beyond any help that anyone can give you 90% of the gaming population would disagree with these projected criticisms of yours but its ok to be an outsider just dont drag down AAA games cause your too angry for whatever reason to hate them.
  6. Though's games that take 3-4 years are most of the time AAA games that are worth the wait and have most of the time extremely complex systems and have a whole load of story also and the graphics are extremely time consuming to create because its beautiful! The completely simplistic art style of Astroneer and its simplistic design makes it easy to implement things it doesn't take a expert with coding to figure that out...and if it takes 3-4 years for this game to come out no one will be here to play it because other better games with the same concept will be out way before 3-4 years with more complex systems and upgraded graphics. Don't get me wrong I love this game but if it takes any longer then 2 years it will have lost so many customers I assure you (I used to work in marketing for AAA games so I know how a game can die out real quick).
  7. we aren't continuing this conversation in this thread @ammo77 keep up
  8. Yea overlord we will all bow to your will
  9. I knew you would say something over analyzing what is right in front of you. 1st: Astroneer is a game you cant compare to any other it has simpler graphics then AAA games like GTA IV that dont take long to implement with the way Atroneer is and going to be its going to be way less complex then gta IV it not going to have ANY story so said the devs so thats way less content already vs gta IV your argument has no backing LUL if you get a good coder you can get so much code written so quickly ow and btw your whole man hour argument bears no relevance I wasn't trying to do anything their except work out the exact number of hours put into coding ALSO they have a person DEDICATED to answering community questions and is responsible for communicating to US are you stupid? He is in the vlogs every week......
  10. @CobraA1 , @Grimstar has a point its now 1 day away from 1 month of no updates and now that I think about it 7 months is a long time with developing yes BUT they didn't have 10 members back then they had what was it 5? or 4? Most popular games that get released quickly have 30-50 people working on it these guys have 10! Sure the game is moving slow but in respect I love this game and if it takes 2 years to make ill be happy waiting, but 1 month with no updates is getting on my nerves lets do some maths 1 month = around 30 days x actual work done (ie programming bug fixing art etc,) also taking in consideration talking slacking off with blogs and having fun on mini games and dev meeting it probably 6 hours a day x number of people working on the game so 10 so 10x6x30 its around about 1800 hours spent on developing this game this month alone and imo that's a lot of work hours and to see nonthing really annoying me now I know there are some defensive people that only wan to defend the devs and not actually see or do the math to updates/expectation/progress (and yes their doing their best), but its not wrong to expect more and when I watch the dev streams it seems laid back/mucking around and not really serious/pushing for something, If this dev team had a pressuring team leader (and not pressuring to bad to make mistakes, just setting common deadlines and progress reports) then god I think this game wouldn't be in pre-alpha anymore maybe just alpha? (idk I seem to be putting more expectation on them then they do on themselves) and I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this but it NEEDS to be said weekly Blogs are not enough information and not enough in general, alright there is my 10cents opinion bring on the defensive non-thinking fan boys that offer nothing accept cool ideas and what do you call shit criticism? Projected Criticism. ALSO DON'T GET ME WRONG THEY ALL SEEM NICE AND FUNNY!!!! AND I HATE TO BE THAT PERSON BUT SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE!
  11. This made me laugh thanks @Wyvyrias never seen something so simple and unprecedented to compare to bug fixing in my life. #Funny
  12. You didn't get what I meant when I said "lazy" did you? Sigh* It's not even worth explaining I am tired of typing, but I will say this READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Did you even get what I was trying to say dude? EXPECTATIONS, CRITICISM and PROGRESS are three things people think about when they see pre-alpha, I have HIGH expectations I love the game in though expectations is a degree of professionalism and progress! If a game fails to like up to all 3 in the consumers eye then its not good, don't you agree? Have never played it but tell me this is it a complete game and if it is then don't reply to this message cause it bares no relevance to the current discussion.
  13. I have a challenge for all the good terrain builders here. The prize pool will be explained below. Create something totally unique on Terran! Build a space station on Barren! Create A maze on Arid! Try to build a forest of pillars on Exotic! If you can Build a temple with a statue in the middle of ANYTHING on Tundra! And finally Build a city on Radiated! GOLD: Will get a full background for their forum profile of whatever artwork she/he will want, a profile pic and/or background for his/her computer! SILVER: Will get to choose one of the back ground or profile pic of their choosing and design and I will create it! BRONZE: Will get a profile custom profile pick of their design and I will create it! All prize pools HAS TO BE ASTRONEER RELATED, FIRST PERSON TO FULLY COMPLETE IT AND POST THEIR WORK HERE WILL WIN 1st PRIZE! HAPPY TERRA-FORMING ! Post you completed work here with screenshots: