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  1. Was driving around with three research items and one storage full on the truck. Having frame rate issues trying to find my way back to base when I exited the vehicle to deploy a beacon and turned around to see my vehicle had disappeared. I then had 2 instant deaths when reloading the save file and deleted that file.
  2. Repetitive crashes when entering a vehicle. Driving "truck" entering pauses game play for a few seconds and it skips forward while saving. Accidental repetitive entry causes a crash and it seems prone to crash regardless. Like that it saves so often but maybe there should be a limit around ten to thirty seconds to where it won't attempt another save and cause lag. It's not like much could be done in that small amount of time.
  3. New here, love the game. Not sure if a bug or it is not a current feature. Trying to reorganize things and couldn't restart the building layout after demolition.