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  1. build: 0.2.10131.0 xbox one game saves disappear haven't played astroneer for a few days, so today all my game saves were gone. as reported here before this is an on going thing. temporary solution: uninstall astroneer. complete shut down of xbox (may not be needed). install astroneer. game saves are now present hope this is helpful
  2. on several occasions this has happen to me, almost every other day if not every day my game save disappears. sometimes they reappear only to have the current game save to disappear. so i made three game saves, but only worked on the number two game save for about two days now, and guess what happen on the third day, lol game saves one and three have disappeared. it's hard to realy do anything with the game saves comming an going. hope they fix this soon
  3. ok folks the game save that disappeared when the first game save reappeared has now reappeared and the current game save i was working on has now disappeared. same build 0.2.10131.0 i guess i'll wait a few days and see what happens next.... lol
  4. if you disconnect the controller from the xbox or reconnect the controller to the xbox or wake your controller from sleep mode in a gaming session it will no longer work in the game. temp resolution is to restart astro thru the xbox menu. build 0.2.10131.0
  5. build 0.2.10131.0 a few weeks ago i had the one game save i was working on just disappear. one day it was there and the next no saved data. yesterday started the game and choose the one game save i have and it wasen't as i remembered it, the color of the land was different the orientation was wrong, then it hit me, aaahh it's the game that disappeared on me minus the vehicles, and the me save i was currently working on? gone.... disappeared. i only have one game save at a time, keeps the confusion down for this 55yr old.