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  1. AtuqShaman

    Hotfix 1.1.3 - May 23rd, 2019

    Well since this hotfix I'm crashing on PC all the time. Randomly while driving around.
  2. AtuqShaman

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    Is there any topic to discuss general performance about the game? This game really need performance improvements. On Xbox the most. But even on PC. Could be priority for coming updates. I play on my PC nowadays instead of Xbox (S) due to the framerate issues. But even on PC the game using resources really bad. If I turn settings all the way fully Ultra I have the same result as on High or Medium settings. Gpu runs on 100% but Vram sits on 1.5-1.6GB all the time (RX 570 4GB), Cpu usually 10-15%. Only difference will be the temps of the card. It's weird the game doesn't use more memory. It could really improve performance and/or take some load off the gpu to be able to use it for other. Does anyone else has thoughts?
  3. AtuqShaman

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Okay, i try to react to problems what others had as well. 1) Jumping-bouncing trucks and rovers confirmed on my Xbox as well. I have an idea about bouncing vehicles. When leaving vehicles do those physically react to dismount? I mean how is it programmed? I guess that can cause the bouncing effects. However, I don't know why this has only "50-50" chance to happen, maybe something else is involved as well. But it should worth a try to exclude mount-dismount reactions on vehicles-if it is possible. Trucks bounce way bigger than rovers, and until now they never disappeared down through ground, just went fly at me but always came back. When left other vehicles in distance and I was closing on their place again, those were started to "fall" from a low height (just above ground man height) and bouncing for a short while then stopped-just like a ball. (physics works perfect where shouldn't at all) Plus trucks should have slightly more mass/weight (even if they become slightly slower than rovers-just thinking forward). Fun fact: vehicles lightweight behavior reminds me to State of Decay's SUVs and pick up trucks. Probably because the same engine? 2) Recharge problems on trucks - no problem so far, might later on could be - just as bouncing vehicles started out of the blue... I put a big storage on a truck, on top of that some small storage and on top of that 2 small batteries (I got lost only that I could build on the go) and had no problems with charging them by big solar charge, power resources(raw yellow material) neither with organic mini generator. Everything worked fine. It wasn't necessary to replace anything. Apart from the truck itself when tipped over with every dismount. Game crashes only occurred when tried to enter truck. - might be related to this? Then why not every time? I still try to recreate problems.
  4. AtuqShaman

    General bugs i have run into

    I found it too. It is existing bug with the smelter as well. I have now an aluminium on the side of the smelter and one on the top as well what I cannot remove by all means. If i target the stucked aluminium on the side it will move whatever on the other side docked. And I even cannot target what stucked on the top of the smelter. Seems to be I have to build a new smelter. And yes, it is frustrating when you need to drop hardly used resources because they are just not consumable anymore. i recognized it after game crashed. But I will check it later on with simple save and exit as well. It would be fun even if the animals were just simply here and there little and big ones, without bothering anyone and without the option we could bother them. They would be just there, moving around and standing around.
  5. AtuqShaman

    Camera = Worst part of the game

    I know exactly what LordHotwheels talking about camera controls. My problems are very similar. Moving the camera on Xbox is not as responsive and smooth using as seen on PC. I would suggest adding an Intensitive setting and a Dead Zone setting to the camera look in options. Plus! I would change the camera look option to more "sticky". Now, when you look around standing still the camera moves back to the center automatically. I would change it to leave the camera positioned where you last left until: 1-you move the camera look again OR 2-player starts moving again. And I would make this both on foot and in vehicle. It could increase the game control a lot. Especially when you digging/working with the astronaut. However backpack look need some work too, but I found the camera more frustrating.