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  1. Same issue. This is how I work around the problem as well, but this issue does need some attention. Rather inconvenient.
  2. When you build terrain close enough to you, the terrain slightly engulfs you and then you fall through the map. If I'm lucky, I land in a cave nearby, and I can get out. But sometimes, I'm not lucky, and I eventually die. The same thing happens when you attempt to get into a vehicle when you are in a multiplayer game (but not the host). When I landed the spaceship once, I got out and also fell through the map.
  3. On Xbox One just recently, the X button to take out the terrain former is unresponsive as well. Works just fine when I go to enter a habitat or vehicle with the same button. After button mashing for a bit, the terrain former is able to be taken out again.
  4. That's what I would think, too. Maybe it's just something I'll have to get used to for the time being, which is unfortunate.
  5. Is 131 an update? If so, I really have no idea if it's installed as I just installed the game itself yesterday. Is there a way to tell?
  6. I just got Astroneer last night, and I'm playing on Xbox One. Overall, the game has a great idea going but the user interface and the camera especially have major, major, major issues. My biggest complaint is with the camera. When I have the gun thing out, the thumbstick which controls the camera is highly unresponsive and essentially lags horribly. When I move the thumbstick, the camera should follow its every movement (and the camera should stop moving when the thumbstick stops moving, which it does not, mind you). One would think this would be common sense, but apparently, it's not. If this