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  1. suckyducky24_

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Apparently, that line of trucks likes dancing. A lot.
  2. suckyducky24_

    The Rogue Pod

    Heyo! So, after my friend came to my base, this happened. Apparently, the new pod liked my base ;_; so it decided to not leave at all.
  3. suckyducky24_

    A bunch of fun ideas!

    I just wonder if low poly graphics and shooting stars would go well together.. If they do, that would be nice! And what about multiple color trails behind em?
  4. suckyducky24_

    Access to Past versions

    I want access to the versions where the devs used to mine ice to make fuel.. would be fun to see how it works.
  5. suckyducky24_

    Stranded in space near Terran

    Heyo! So my friend was messing about in astroneer. He landed on the wrong spot on terran, not at base. He took off again, and then he got to a spot a little further from normal terran orbit, where he could do nothing. Fuel was still there in ship.
  6. suckyducky24_

    A bunch of fun ideas!

    Thats one I missed.. alien AI! If it looks nice enough and is stupid, I'm up for it
  7. suckyducky24_

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): Steam Location: India Language(s): English ONLY. Microphone: Nope. Looking for: 2 players to derp around with! Can play from: 3:30 AM UTC - 10:30 AM UTC ( pm for exact times ) Can host: Yep! Comment: oyyy, lets just play.
  8. suckyducky24_

    A bunch of fun ideas!

    Sorry, I was messing around. I'll be serious now Haha, I should've thought about that. Or.. what about a small rare possibility of a spaceship crashing on top of you if you explore too far? That would be really funny
  9. suckyducky24_

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    I have definitely seen two of the glitches mentioned here - the tundra planet becoming a bunch of spherical pizza slices, and terrain just having random gaps through which we can see into underground caves. That is quite annoying. I have seen a small visual indicator everywhere I go in space, which isnt as prominent - its just this random blop far below the planets.
  10. suckyducky24_

    A bunch of fun ideas!

    Heyo! So, I've had these ideas in my head for a while - astroneer is kinda running out of content, and I've done loads of stuff in a small amount of time. So, my suggestions are: A change to how tethers look - What about making tethers just wires that lie on the ground? I guess it would kinda look cool, and I think It'll be better compared to tethers right now, with those small poles. Bigger spaceships that look more spaceshipy - do I need to explain this? New spaceships which are bigger, better, faster, and more stronk! A change to the system in astroneer - I've found out that if I explore a lot, like a huge amount, my fps starts getting shakey. That is just a no-no, since this game is supposed to be fun all the way along! What about unloading areas that you've explored from the system when you're away or something, and reloading all of it when you came back? I might be totally wrong here in a way, but yeah. Spaceships that crash in real time - How cool would that be? Watching a spaceship crash right in front of you! Space Stations- I want a space station. Why not? Loads of new mechanics would have to be introduced, but thats just more fun for us! Resource distribution - why not make this a little more random? A resource could be rare in a section of the planet, but in the next section, it could be abundant. Upgrades for the spacesuit - I find later on that I need more inventory space in my suit, so it would be nice to have an ability to upgrade. Automated machines - I know this was there in the start, but what about some simple machines to do stuff? Like, a machine that continously makes hydrazine using the fuel condenser? I guess thats it!