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  1. I think a way to pump resources out of the ground is a wonderful idea. It would basically make the game a whole lot easier. So nice suggestion and +1
  2. I personally would love to see a bike like you said in a future astroneer patch! I have seen many people request this and would love to see it myself.
  3. Lol, this was too funny, they will fix this with the next patch hopefully.
  4. Yeah, I like the idea of a helicopter, along with some bigger things such as spaceships and boats (when they add water)
  5. Personally, to me it's useful, but everyone is different.
  6. Yeah, the game would be a lot more fun with achievements like the ones you listed.
  7. If I understand what you're saying correctly, it means you haven't researched all the other items yet, you can do this by building a research station and finding the researchable items.
  8. Çeviri programları için göklere şükür!
  9. The devs wanted the game to be more difficult. You're basically getting unlimited of whatever you want.
  10. Wow.. just wow, it looked like a flash of lightning!
  11. Nice work dev team, this game has had its ups and downs, but its definitely progressing!
  12. I've heard another people complaining about the issue, but I haven't unlocked it so I couldn't say.
  13. They should make it so your house icon doesn't disappear when you go really far out, I've gotten lost so many times. Luckily I was able to find my way back home.
  14. Yes, I am so excited that there will be a sandbox mode, thanks, devs!
  15. It's so annoying for me and I thought the last patch would it, what happens to me is everytime I fricken leave my truck it jumps into the air, like wtf.
  16. Exactly what @Marck said, with the new patch you have to research a lot more things that were previously there, the devs are trying to make the game a little tougher