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  2. ImmortalHD1

    Liquid Resource Mechanics

    I think a way to pump resources out of the ground is a wonderful idea. It would basically make the game a whole lot easier. So nice suggestion and +1
  3. ImmortalHD1

    Vehicle Idea—Quad Bike

    I personally would love to see a bike like you said in a future astroneer patch! I have seen many people request this and would love to see it myself.
  4. ImmortalHD1

    I fell from thousands of feet, and lived.

    Lol, this was too funny, they will fix this with the next patch hopefully.
  5. ImmortalHD1


    Yes, it is a beautiful game.
  6. ImmortalHD1

    small helicopter

    Yeah, I like the idea of a helicopter, along with some bigger things such as spaceships and boats (when they add water)
  7. ImmortalHD1

    Tether Connecting

    Personally, to me it's useful, but everyone is different.
  8. ImmortalHD1

    Achievement List Ideas

    Yeah, the game would be a lot more fun with achievements like the ones you listed.
  9. ImmortalHD1

    Cannot craft

    If I understand what you're saying correctly, it means you haven't researched all the other items yet, you can do this by building a research station and finding the researchable items.
  10. ImmortalHD1

    Thanks for Turkish.

    Çeviri programları için göklere şükür!
  11. ImmortalHD1

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    The devs wanted the game to be more difficult. You're basically getting unlimited of whatever you want.
  12. ImmortalHD1

    Hydrazine explosion test

    Wow.. just wow, it looked like a flash of lightning!