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  1. I want it in arabic. Ala Akbar.
  2. I own the website now! Thanks, lawyers.
  3. Like most other people said the system era team will worry about that after full release.
  4. I can agree 👌
  5. Good thing I was able to translate this page
  6. Not very important, but I do certainly agree.
  7. Dang these forums can be so sweet sometimes Thanks, systemera.
  8. I wish I could work for systemera but im 15 and I dont know crap about making games
  9. nice one Banned for roasting players.
  10. Well all we can do at the current time is play in pre-alpha and watch the game grow. When they mistakes you have to remember the game isnt even at its full release stage yet, when something they added/remove pisses me off, i just think about how its all part of a proccess and that the end game will be amazing,
  11. You then get back into your car and...
  12. They made it in the new patch so you have to research almost everything, the same thing happened to me as well, luckily I had almost everything from before the patch.
  13. Banned for complaining about our game
  14. A ton of people are having the same issue as you, it was recently fixed as they even tweeted about it, don't worry your not the only one.