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  1. After building and fully fueling a hydrogen thruster with 3 hydrazine cans one flight from planet sylva to novus was possible. After that - even though 3 almost full cans of hydrazine are still attached, the thruster is able to launch a medium shuttle into orbit but when trying to access the solar system view via V or C a message "need fuel" appears. Lauching into orbit is possible multiple times. Accessing the solar system view is not possible at all. This is 100% reproducible on a hosted dedicated server.
  2. After flying to another planet in a small or medium rocket the E key does not work anymore. The terraint tool cannot be selected or used. Clicking on the terrain tool while the backpack is opened will allow to access the terrain tool item slots. Closing the backpack however does not close the terrain tool access view. It also cannot be closed using the E key. This happens on a hosted dedicated server after about 50% of all rocket landings.
  3. To make it short, starting on earth is very easy. How about adding a feature that allows for new games to be started on the other planets? Should be a nice challenge get things going. Maybe it's even impossible. So what. I'd like to try anyway.
  4. Late game content would be much appreciated. I can't be bothered to unlock all the nodes. Why would I? I can already travel to other planets in a shuttle, land where I want and bring lots of cargo with me. No need for a teleport from and to a very limited number of locations without cargo. Once all resources are found and all blueprints are unlocked the game ends. There should be content where you can and actually need to apply all the tools you have discovered and built. Think Subnautica. Resources and blueprints are difficult to get, you need almost everything you can build and you will use the things built for quite some time to make progress.
  5. Tractors are broken again. Last patch it was a little better I think. Haven't played the game for quite a while now. Being stuck all the time is really frustrating.
  6. I gave up on Astroneer for the moment - I'm at the core of a planet, I tried entering my vehicle multiple times and I can't get it to move. I'm stuck there until vehicles get fixed. A quick bugfix would be much appreciated.
  7. I have really short view distance in the game. Beyond 20-30 meters plants and rocks are invisible and are rendered only when I move closer. They also despawn again when I go beyond 20-30 meters. All settings are on ultra. I also reset all settings and turned it up to ultra again. I just tried the new tech demo and it looks really underwhelming. Mostly flat surface without any decoration. It does not look anything like the demo shown in recent videos. Is this intended or is there something wrong with my setup?
  8. My hope is that late game content is released with the final version. This would make a lot a sense since you don't want to spoiler the content while game mechanics aren't finalized. Let's hope there is a good amount of late game content since right now there is pretty much nothing you can do with all the nice tools you craft for yourself.
  9. I experienced several issues with the power system. 1) Rover does not use up power nuggets connected to it, even though the battery is empty 2) Rover consumes power nuggets but the battery remains empty / unchanged 3) Rover continues to drive, even with empty battery 4) Small batteries connected to a platform have lots of plus/minus signs popping up above them (with solar panels and research stations on connected platforms) 5) Using the deform tool with inhibitor mod while being tethered to base causes lots of plus/minus signs popping up 6) Rover does not load its battery when connected to platforms with energy 7) Power indicators on cables are sometimes inconsistent / incorrect
  10. Good post! Also just read the updated roadmap. I'm looking forward to playing the finished game. Should have lots of good content. One thing I was missing in both posts however was a timeline. How much time do you think you'll spend until the game is good enough for a 1.0 release? Obviously it's not going to be 3 months. But are you thinking a year, or more like 3 years? Maybe you could put a rough number into your next blog post?
  11. In multiplayer my buddy (guest) and me (host) discovered that he could move and detach modules while I couldn't. 1-Seat built by module printer: We both can do everything (detatch, move, attach). 1-Seat built by vehicle factory: He can do everything. I can't detach. If he drops it on the ground I can use it. 1 Person Shuttle Seat: He can do everything. Even attaching it to a large storage works - makes the space ship look retarded. I can't do anything with it, even if he drops it on the ground. Large storage: I can only build it onto a space ship, truck or rover. He can do this too but he also is able to build it onto a shuttle, using up all the attachment points. Not sure what exactly is intended but certainly both players should be able to do the same things.
  12. 131 - Steam A few days ago I had a similar issue. Can't tell what exactly caused this. My guess was it happens during multiplayer mode or affects resources mined during multiplayer mode. I tested this a few minutes ago and now power stacks work fine again.
  13. I also had this issue. I traveled to another planet and couldn't build things made from compound anymore. I could resolve it by flying to my home planet. I was wondering if it's a feature that you can't build things made out of compound on certain planets?
  14. While playing with a buddy we had a number of synchronization issues. Trading Platform: The guest play is able to put items into the rocket and launch it. However only the host can see the rocket coming back with items and get them out. Also, the rocket will always bring back the resources current selected by the host. The guest player's selection does not matter and is not synchronized with the host. Picking up items: The guest player sometimes is not able to pick up items. Specifically, when the guest is mining resources while his backpack is full he can't pick up the items that drop to the ground. Both players are able to see the items, so they are actually created but only the host is able to pick them up. Joining a friend's game: When joining a game we usually ended up way below the surface, seeing cave walls from the outside. Sometimes we had to rejoin. Sometimes we were able to get into an actual cave and fight back to the surface. Sometimes dying and respawning in base did the trick. Falling through the ground while in vehicle: We were driving a truck. Me, the host, in 1-seat. Him, guest player, in a habitat. I stopped, got out of the truck, he fell through the ground. From my perspective the truck was still right next to me with him in the habitat. Though I could not interact with the truck anymore. From his perspective he was out of the vehicle, somewhere way below the ground, even outside of caves, but still getting unlimited oxygen. He managed to get into an actual cave, trace his way back to my location and get into the habitat on the truck. When he jumped out of the habitat I could see that happening. From my perspective he was in the habitat the whole time - I didn't see him come back to the truck. I still could not interact with the truck. He however could drive it around. Restarting both our games fixed the issue.