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  1. Here are some suggestions that in my opinion would make the game better: -Animals (passive and hostile) -More resources (More minerals, plants ...) -Some kind of backpack (an extra inventory) -Experience system (XP) and skills to upgrade the character. - Improved game search system. -More accessories for both vehicles and the character itself. - Combat weapons (the one I most want in the game). - Customization options for a new local or multiplayer game. - Difficulty level varied on other planets that force the player to create a suit or item to sur
  2. Minerals do not complete the casting process at the smelter and are unable to be withdrawn. Spacecraft sometimes "freeze" when we choose the target planet, and it is necessary to restart the game. Lots of frame drop. Free fall into the void when we give respawn. Some parts of the caves are invisible, so you can see through the walls. Vehicles bouncing insanely when coupled. Game crash. Some invisible structures for other players in multiplayer mode. I love this game a lot, but there are things that need to be corrected.