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  1. Manosman

    Exotic Materials

    True! More hours to put in!
  2. Manosman

    Found something newish?

    Yea I don't know about you but mine was ridiculously far down, it's going to be a challenge to get there
  3. Manosman

    Found something newish?

    I made a post about this under exotic materials, some answers came through
  4. Manosman

    Exotic Materials

    Has anyone found out what the exotic materials are for, I just drilled a really deep distance down and found this, it was mostly attached to a rock that i cant do anything with. I was able to get 2 stacks tho.
  5. Manosman


    Can anyone get the crane to properly work and what is it for if we have a terrain molding tool anyways?
  6. Manosman

    My particular case

    I have noticed a few things that cause my game to ultimately crash. When on Terran I can use the air vehicles, but as soon as I get in to a land based vehicle and move my game crashes. HOWEVER, I moved to Barren and started a full base there and am able to use the land vehicles, once I link more together I start to get problems
  7. Manosman

    Foreign Objects

    its created
  8. Manosman

    Satellite Mini Game

    In here you will find the answer to these hidden satellites
  9. Manosman

    Foreign Objects

    I cant seem to find out how, I can just create a new thread named satellite thread
  10. Manosman

    Foreign Objects

    id be glad to just tell me how
  11. Manosman

    Foreign Objects

    now i need to start playing around with it
  12. Manosman

    Foreign Objects

    there has to be something to do with them
  13. Manosman

    Foreign Objects

    I found this fallen satellite about 3 levels down on the moon of my planet, The hook up there (yellow ring) I attached a power node to it and charged it up but nothing happened. has anyone found use for these underground satellites? Also I found a dead astronaut next to it who had dynamite on him.
  14. i VOLUNTEER as tribute, GTX970 16gb RAM i7 6700 windows 10 So far I have noticed it when I do "complex operations" such as getting in the land rover, or adding another addition to my base. This is when it get the most choppy. the same thing is happening on my xbox as well.