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    Feedback: Playing with a controller

    Idea #1: When you click the right joystick (the "knifing button" in most FPS), it should activate a precision mode for terrain editing or something similar to that idea (maybe do the same with movement as well) Idea #2: Have a sort of "auto leveling system" with the terrain gun thingy. For example, when I want to make a perfectly flat surface (Horizontal or vertical), it is a great hastle to try and manipulate a wall to become flat. Maybe, when you pull out (<--- ?) the terrain gun, it would put you in another mode, similar to in Halo where you go from a soldier to the orb thing in "forge" mode). Idea #3: Make the equivalent of a "hot bar" (like in Minecraft), but when you press the bumpers, it would expand the "backpack" (keeping the astroneer style) and it would go from the current item selected to the next or previous, depending on how many times the bumpers are pressed. Final words (not literally): Remember that us experienced users are used to call of duty and Minecraft controls, so relate button mapping similar to those games. For example if someone were to change the x and r key (or whichever ones) on a keyboard, it wouldn't be too awful to work on remembering which key does which, but it messes with muscle memory