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  1. That's true, I can go look it up. Kind of spoils the immersion though.
  2. I like the sprint feature and was pleased to see it's exactly where I'm used to it being, clicking the left stick. However in most other instances of this, you click it once and sprint for a few minutes, then it drops to normal speed. Holding down the stick to run long distances is not good.
  3. While researching I realized I had several things in my blueprints that I had no idea what they did. Filters are one such thing as I cannot get them to work. I'm on XBOX ONE. I don't think a brief description somewhere in the game would take away from the sandbox feel of the game.
  4. So this suggestion is 2 in one as it was brought up when running into those flowers that spew green gas and me not dying on some occasions, but getting killed within seconds on others. 1st we need a health bar so we can see when the green gas is about to kill us. 2nd Why are we dying of poison gas? We are in a sealed space suit, and breathing a confined amount of oxygen. How is this getting in?
  5. I have, and have used the power cell correctly, but the filter didn't act like it did anything, I put it on when I was at 50% oxygen, and could not tell a difference. I'm on XBOX ONE, so maybe they glitched? I also think Power cells are a waste of resources. Why build a one time use power cell, when you can build a battery and recharge it?
  6. So I was going to suggest a garage, but see in the forums that the Dev's suggest to get creative with the terrain tool. So let me try to suggest this another way as I think the Dev's are missing the spirit of what we are asking for. We would like a safe place to park vehicles. It can be a garage, or maybe just a parking Pad of some kind. I've lost several vehicles, one of which was half buried when I returned to the planet, and wound up falling through the terrain. Creating a cave to park them in is not the answer, as I have had a couple of caves collapse so to speak, and the vehicles ar
  7. On XBOX ONE I have had a similar issue. I can stack them anywhere on the backpack, but when I put a tether in a stack of them that is full, it just goes away. I would think the backpack would start a new stack of them in an open slot, but it does not, even with an empty backpack. If I manually start a new one I can then add to it. The only reason I found this out was because I didn't count the tethers in the pile when I was picking some up, and had wasted 4 before I realized it was not adding them. My fault for not paying attention.
  8. Instead of making tethers more of a permanent build lifeline, can you make them where they are a temporary refill? That way you carry so many with you like a stim pack that gives you full oxygen, and/or power. They would be a one time use, and may help with memory clutter that the lifeline system seems to be experiencing.