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  1. I bought the game to mess around with it since steam allows a 14 day return. I wasn't really able to play it because my computer is not good enough, but also even with voice attacking it would have been difficult. It's hard because you need to have the right click held down almost the entire time in order to control the camera. So imagine the controls as WASD to move, the lleft-mouse cursor to click around, and then the right-mouse to see what you are doing. A little bit too complicated for voice attack IMO, but I am VERY new to it. Someone else probably knows better.
  2. Voice attack is amazing. It doesn't allow me to smoothly play this game because actually my computer is not good enough, but you mentioning voice attack was worth this entire thread. Thank you.
  3. I appreciate everything from the community! Thank you
  4. I just stumbled across something better for gaming purposes. Check this out:
  5. My word that is incredible! Thank you for mentioning it. I have a new Christmas wish :-)
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I think I will try to use an autohotkey script to reprogram a double right-click as holding down "W." Among other tinkering
  7. I should clarify that with my disability I can ONLY use a 2-button mouse (and voice software) to control my computer. This looks like an awesome game, but I am once again assuming it's outside my reach (pun intended).
  8. It's all good, man. Thanks for the info
  9. Okay thanks for the reply. Just to restate the obvious since you said "required," you cannot currently move with point-and-click?
  10. Hey, I found this wiki on Astroneer's controls My question is how much a handicapped gamer could do or not do in Astroneer with only a 2-button mouse and very limited key pressing using the on-screen keyboard? Are you required to use WASD for walking? What about driving vehicles?