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  1. Framerate is so bad it gets unplayable. Also my character keeps falling though the ground and dying. Camera is terrible. Not gonna play this game until it's updated. It's really bad. Currently No Man's Sky is way superior. I don't know why people try to compare NMS to a beta game. This game needs serious patches! It started off fine until I got the vehicles and built my base up.
  2. Shinobi Ryder

    Multiplayer XBOX ONE bugs

    When loading multiplayer the game constantly crashes. I lost sound and there were several graphical glitches. Multiplayer is practically unplayable.
  3. Shinobi Ryder


    I've got the XBOX ONE S and have discovered these bugs so far: Had a few crashes camera issues causing me to die, especially when filling in environments items remaining suspended in the air backpack items floating at a slight distance behind on one occasion tethers not connecting properly tether appearing disconnected when it's not cant rebuild base instructions are basic cant delete saves
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    I built my base wrong with four end terminals and no hubs. I guess I have to restart the game.
  5. I just got this game on XBOX One and it's awesome. I couldn't stop exploring for 12hrs non-stop, from 9pm-9am. I didn't realise how involving this game would be - it even took me away from finishing The Last Guardian (PS4) and this isn't even a finished game. The low £15 price tag was great too. I would like to be able to delete a game save though cos it keeps updating from the cloud. Also the camera is glitchy and it killed me a lot when exploring caves. Otherwise the graphics, sound and gameplay are awesome. Definitely a lot better than No Man's Sky - but also very different. I'm looking forward to a story mode and hopefully some wildlife. Also, maybe some space battles one day. Definitely need a grappling hook or other climbing gear. I've dreamt of a game like this in what seems like forever - and now it's finally here - thank you System Era.