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    Landscape tearing

    I don't feel like downloading and checking out your saves, but if it looks like two different levels of ground with a clear void in between, I get the same issue. This even happens near areas I haven't even visited or modified yet. Steam, Win 10 PC Mouse & Keyboard GTX 650 Ti 1 GB VRAM Amd A8-3800 8 GB Ram
  2. When I connect power modules to my spaceship which is up on a hill and tethered to my main base, the power does only occasionally spreads to my base, sometimes not spreading the power when it should be. I used tier 1 modules on a large storage on my space ship with plenty more tethers than the minimum to reach my base. Steam, Windows 10 PC Mouse & Keyboard Tier 1 power modules on large storage on space ship tethered by 3 tethers (only 1-2 necessary) to tether to base.
  3. Stacks of power that I had previously harvested from spires, exploders or the surface no longer provide power or get consumed after a reboot. Mouse & Keyboard Steam, Windows 10 PC Simply harvested the power, used some of it, played for a while and when I shut down the game and returned, they no longer work
  4. Sinehmatic

    Tethers not stored in backpack

    This needs to be fixed. I picked up 25 tethers before I realized 15 had vanished.