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  1. I'm on PC using a keyboard. I was just playing Astroneer, and I tuned the sound settings to my likings. But after around 5-10 minutes I felt like the sound was still really loud, so I checked on the Sound settings again and they were back to default. I don't know how to fix this or how it's caused.
  2. paizaking

    1-seat pop-up is reversed.

    I have new info on this topic, this happens when the vehicle doesn't have a open spot for the seat anymore.
  3. I was going through the settings to optimize my game, so I changed the key to enter the home-cabin/vehicle/ from "tab" to "q"(personal preference). But now it still says Tab if you're near it. I can only enter with q(which should happen), when I press tab, nothing happens.(which should also happen) I'm using a keyboard on steam. This might be fixable by having some system check which key is bounded to entering the vehicle/home-cabin
  4. I was making my first vehicle and when I turned around, the 1-seat sign was inverted. I have no clue how this happened or how to fix it. I'm playing on steam, using a keyboard.