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  1. I prefer just bringing a vehicle with me and make "roads" in the caves. Yes, it's a game, but I like a little realism in it. I don't want to be bristling with augments, batteries, canisters, oxy tanks and a tons of mined resources. I keep all supplies on my vehicle so my pack is open for mining then just grab what I need as I go.
  2. I agree with Wyvyrias on this one.
  3. @The Gray Mouser Yes the devs do read the forum. I've seen both @SES_joe and @SES_Adam reply to people on here. As for the oxygen tank problem, it is not game breaking. To be honest I think I've only used them twice in all the hours I've played this game. You just need to figure out alternate tactics. Take, for instance, when I first began playing this game. I thought not having an on screen compass or some sort of HUD to show base positions was game breaking. I learned alternate ways to find my way home. I began putting down beacons and creating ramps near them to point in the direction of the previous beacon. Problem solved. Maybe for the oxygen tank problem, you could collect "free range" oxygen while on tethers to make nuggets and store them somewhere for when you want to go out exploring without tethers or rovers. As this game is in pre-alpha (maybe just alpha soon) it is constantly changing and we as the test players will have to adapt to these changes. Yes, we bought the game, but we did so with the awareness that it is a game in development. We have the privilege of being the first in the game and having our voices heard about changes that we think would make the game better. The SES team listens. They have changed fundamental things in the game just because their players suggested it. I've been in other pre-alpha/alpha games where the devs don't give a rats ass about what the players want and just do their own thing. Let the SES team go about their process the way they think is best. They are doing a great job so far.
  4. I would highly recommend using the search feature when reporting bugs. See if others have had the same problem and already reported it then add to that discussion.
  5. @DKeith2011 Yes, if they implemented this idea and added some way to choose how many to make, that would work great. A large storage silo would also work well. Maybe make it so you connect the rover with sediment canisters to the silo with the umbilical and it directly unloads the canisters into the silo through this connection.
  6. This is a pre-alpha game. It is changing all the time. The "torn" terrain is a known problem that happens when you try to play an old save in a new patch. Rule #1 when playing pre-alpha games: Don't get attached to stuff.
  7. Huh? They are trying to keep a minimal UI which means little to no HUD. They plan on making farming of some sort in the future. I'm sure we'll have to research the stuff to plant. They are adding modular building. From the vlogs I've seen that includes vehicle modularity. They already have terrain manipulator modifications and also terrain color attachments for the terrain tool. I think they may have also mentioned suit customization but not positive. Check the roadmap that the devs made available. Ummm... What? They will be adding more vehicles. Watch the vlogs that SES has posted.
  8. @Cass_dblclus planets are not the same for every player, the terrain is randomly generated.
  9. The resource rocks (oxygen/energy/etc) were a temporary solution to a problem they were having while making the game. You are playing a pre-alpha game, get used to things being added and removed. It's part of the creation process.
  10. You really should use the forum search. This has been brought up many many times now.
  11. It might cause problems for players who make battery farms. Personally I usually only have 2 or 3 medium batteries. 1 or 2 at base and sometimes 1 on my vehicle, but I've heard of players making up to 20 or so.
  12. Many times I just want one or two compound or resin. If the machine auto filled like you are suggesting, I wouldn't be able to do that any more. For me the extractor is more of a one or two item thing, I prefer to go out to find the resource. Until the game has settled down, you never know what changes are coming. I would rather not become dependent on the machines to provide what I need. As has been seen in the past, changes to how things work are subject to change like with hydrazine and the trade platform (I liked that change).