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  1. Sorry, this was one of my first post, and, ironically, I read the list after I posted this.
  2. Although yes, when you have both a fuel condenser, a trade platform, and a whole lot of power, it becomes extremely easy to get OP resources, like lithium or Titanium. I also agree with removing the resources in question from researchable artifacts, but not from wreckages, it gies you a good reason to want to explore them. (Plus, as mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of caving)
  3. I'm glad I read this first- It's amazing how many times I see a lot of these ideas out there. (P.S I totally agree with the no weapons idea, guns/blasters would completely ruin the peaceful, serene feeling of the game.) By the way, as for the trading platform removal, mentioned by Linkman81, I beg to differ, (This may or may not be due to the fact that I hate caving) For one thing (Yes, I know you mentioned this) The collection rate is so low, that you have to do something, (Rather it be mining, or exploring, etc.) To find the necessary resources in the first place. As for the rest of the ide
  4. P.S One more thing, on the UFO/hovercraft idea, I will admit, It's a fair concept. (Perhaps Hovercrafts could be available in the vehicle bay, similar to a truck/rover, but it woud be faster, more expensive, and consume hydrazine fuel to use)
  5. I've heard this multiple times, and It seems like a lot of it is a good idea, although one of the things that makes Astroneer so fun is it's relative peacefulness compared to other science fiction games. Rather than constantly dodging lasers, monsters, etc. You get to build and do pretty much whatever you want. (Sure there's evil plants that can explode, poison, strangle, spike, and eat you, but, you get the point) Adding blasters kind of takes that away. And while I agree that it would be much easier to just have the ability to carry large objects in your back pack, if you really don't want t
  6. This is a bit long winded, so bear with me here: What if you added a farming system to astroneer? One of the new modules could turn he platform into a bed of dirt to plant stuff in. Kind of like how the mushy brown poison plants (Or 'Pumpkins,' as I'm told they're called) Guard an artifact, some of the larger flora could guard seeds, which you could plant inn the farming beds I mentioned earlier. Each seed could grow a plant, which would either produce a single resource, some more seeds, or both, (Thus making you choose whether to plant the seeds, or take the resource, you could only do one) P
  7. Let me be the first to admit it: This is extremely vague, but I think a great way to improve Astroneer is to just keep adding more. By that, I mean that, while some sandbox games overwhelm players with millions of objects to build and learn about, and some games have such a small amount of items, that they're intensely boring, astroneer always seems to be right in the middle.Thus, my suggestion is to keep adding more to astroneer, new objects, modules, terrain, wreckages, and buildings. Enough to keep the game interesting, but not so much that it overwhelms players.
  8. With the latest astroneer update, among the many additions is the option to delete worlds, however, I noticed that when a world is deleted, that slot becomes unavailable. This worries me, as, for example, what if you delete all the save files, then what? Just wondering.
  9. Here's some random astroneer images, about what the game might look like eventually. (P.S: I didn't make and I don't own any of these) (P.P.S I'm also not sure if they're actually connected to this reply, but I'm hoping) Okay, this is somewhat embarrassing, (I'm still a newbie, don't judge me) But it doesn't seem that the pictures I uploaded to my last comment are viewable in full screen, so I'm going to try adding them again here. Also, it doesn't appear to want to let me add more than to pictures. (Sorry, I'm new at this, sigh) Okay, I think I
  10. I like it, sounds like something that would be a brilliant idea, despite the fact that it would be extremely annoying for the players. Nice job.
  11. Interesting idea, it needs some work though.
  12. I agree with Lithium, although I can see what you're getting at. Maybe drop the roll idea, and just make it so that players could choose how their character looks, sort of like the Mii design for nintendo, (If you know what I mean).
  13. Another thing that's probably been mentioned multiple times: Why not add mobiles? (Animals/Creatures) There could be various species you could learn about and make use of, with varying levels of hostility (How dangerous they would be) Mobs could even be procedural. Personally, I think this would make the game a lot more interesting, although it might ruin the sense of solitude that astronomer suggests.
  14. This has probably been mentioned many times, but what if they added big, somewhat expensive structures you could create, or even give you the option to design your own buildings using modular pieces, (To continue the theme of everything attaching to each other easily, and smoothly) post ideas for possible structures here.
  15. Unfortunately, if you get swallowed by one of those things, it's impossible to get your stuff back, they've been nicknamed "Sarlaccs," and can eat literally anything, astroneers, stuff, small vehicles (Don't ask how I know this), etc. They make a good waste disposal though.