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  1. I had the bug that if I picked up some resource with the gun and my backpack was full I could never pick it up from the floor. I was playing as a client (multiplayer). Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  2. Rox Trongo

    Can't pick things up

    I play with a friend who hosts our game. We have the recurrent bug that sometimes he can't pick up seats from the ground or from rovers/trucks and I sometimes can't dock things on the front ports of rovers/trucks. For instance, I was really excited when we discovered the drill head but most of the times I couldn't put it in the truck and had to ask my friend to do it instead, while he couldn't place another seat on the truck. Steam, Keboard and Mouse
  3. Pretty self-explainatory, when the game is saving vehicles do not move. Seems intetional like a provisory workaround but in case is not it shoud not be that way. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  4. Rox Trongo

    Ship landing over Shuttle

    If a ship/shuttle land on a place occupied by another ship/shuttle, they just overlay. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  5. I was playing as a guest with a friend and everytime either of us researched something the unlocked feature was only showed to the host (guests coudn't read what had been unlocked but they could build it, no problem there). Sometimes as a guest I read some unlocks but they weren't real. For example it showed filters unlocked when we've had actually unlocked them a few hours ago, while only the host could see what we had really unlocked. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  6. Rox Trongo

    Multiple vehicle and winch cables

    I've had a lot of this multi-cable winch problem. It all started when I accidentaly dock the winch to the floor, then the multi-cables never stopped spawning until the game was reset. The problem comes back with the time. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  7. Rox Trongo

    Towing Solar Array

    I spent a lot of time trying to tow the solar array to my base, mainly because the panel kept sinking underground and when that happened the winch let the array go. Sometimes the array even stopped mid air and didn't fall until I came close enough. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  8. Rox Trongo

    solar array not working

    I had a terrible time towing a solar array to my base and an even worst time trying to dock it to a rover and the rover to the base only to find that it doesn't transmit energy to the main network. Maybe it's intentional but I think it should be more compatible with the base and energize it. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  9. I've had the same problem, when my host drove I went flying around or under the terrain but when I drive there's no problem at all. Also when we are on different vehicles I see him flying out of his vehicle, which is driving himself. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  10. Rox Trongo

    Tethers not stored in backpack

    Steam, Mouse and Keyboard btw
  11. Rox Trongo

    Trading platform invisible to client

    Had this problem too. I was playing as a guest and my host could see and use it perfectly but I coudn't. Steam, Mouse and Keyboard
  12. Rox Trongo

    Ore names came back

    Not really an important bug but my ocd is stronger than me. When I empty a mine the name of the ore dissapears, but when I load the game again the names come back.
  13. Sometimes when I'm picking up tethers they do not stack in my backpack, instead, they disappear. Sometimes they come back (appear in the backpack) after a while and sometimes they don't. This happens when I have a full stack in my backpack and sometimes even when I don't have any.