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  1. Sacred

    I was mining.

    It is a ball to play with. The developers said in a livestream that I watched that there is no purpose to it, it's just a ball.
  2. Have you tried the -nosound command, if not I made a forum post about how to enable it. Link: How to Increase FPS on PC
  3. Sacred


    At this point in time, other players cannot join your world unless you are on it. Other players must join your game through the steam option of "Join game".
  4. Your home base and any waypoints are limited to your field of view. Example. If you can see your home base from your position and then run around a mountain or travel far away, the waypoints will be hidden behind the ground.
  5. Those bodies spawn on worlds. I believe they are just an extra way to get some resources, just like the crashed space ships. I have had one in my starting planet in a cave so they aren't unheard of.
  6. I've seen numerous videos and livestreams of, or people with, the devs. Someone asked that question to them and that was their response. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. The developers said it is just a ball to play with. Maybe in the future they will design more uses for it but currently it is just to play with.
  8. On Steam, a way I found to increase the frame rate to Astroneer is to disable the sound in the startup of the game. In your game library: Right click on Astroneer Left click on Properties Under the General tab, Left click on Set launch options A window with a text box should pop up on your screen. In this box Type the command (or copy and paste it): -nosound Left click on Ok Now that the game is set to have no sound when the game launches you should have a significant increase in your frames but for the price of game audio.
  9. Sadly you are not able to make a "complete" bridge between two planets because there is a barrier. Congrats on making it that far though!
  10. I experienced a bug with these dead guys actually. For me, the loot on the backpack respawns every time I load the world back up.
  11. Currently the giant skeletons are purely aesthetic. Who knows, maybe in the future we might be able to being these "creatures" back to life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. It is just a ball to play with. The developers said it has no purpose at this point in time other than the fact that it's a ball.
  13. @oneeyedziggy I just downloaded the .mp4 and I can view it on my end. How exactly are the links broken for you?
  14. Game Version: Steam v. Computer Specs: Processor: AMD FX 6300 6-core Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 series RAM: 8 GB Bug Description: Upon loading into previously saved game after a new launch, the materials and resources on my backpack were raised off of their correct positions. Also some of the chunks around the 1st base of my 1st planet were raised. This chunk error allowed me to see through the planet which also allowed me to view resources that are underground. When manipulating the land on these chunk distortions, it appeared to "fix" the