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  1. Just a quick one. When I was in the truck, there were several times that when TAB was pressed to get out. The vehicle (Truck) would fly up and backwards into the air. This can be very dangerous if you are driving on the edge of a cliff to look behind you to see your vehicle fly down the cliff leaving you behind. It does not appear to do it all the time , sorry I do not have any images yet. Zeus
  2. Ok Early Access, but pleasantly surprised how well it runs. But, some issues. Especially when you die or start the game again. Say you take out your Truck, go wondering. Then if I die from lack of Oxygen (not funny). I sometimes re-spawn at base, then instantly die again. Then not only means your dead twice, but also if you did happen to have a death marker. Its now reset to where you just died. When i get to the rough area where my gear and vehicle are. Guess what, its floating on the location balloon. Second time this happened . Is on another planet, where it is in orbit. Death markers or locations of vehicles sometimes do not show. Either this is a bug or they are not meant too if over the horizon or too far away. I attach some images of the floating vehicles i spent so much time building. Zeus Fyi i7, 16GB RAM, 580 Watercooled