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    Tethers not stored in backpack

    I have had the same issue.
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Ok after a week of playing these are the issues that I have had. 1. When about out of air pressed tab to het in truck. I died and on re spawn the truck and I fell through the earth for about 2 more restarts. 2. Dust particles are causing the truck to jump. Something is wrong with the dust particle physics. 3. Trucks attached to each other do not transfer power to the main truck, through tethers to the player, or to and from the station depending on the side of the connection. Batteries on truck have issues charging. 4. Trucks bounce when physics are loaded back in when I get in range of seeing the base. They disappear when I leave and return. 5. Storms, this could be part of the game but storms and other objects seem to push trucks around. It seems that the truck requires more gravitational mass to be less effected. 5. Lately when driving on a hill no matter what the truck slides. Even small hills that should have no effect on the rover. This seems to go along with the other problems with the truck and rover physics. I love the game and will keep noting issues as I have them.