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  1. FACR Dwarfy

    Extreme lag when using research chamber

    We don't have that option on Xbox, that I can find at least. I have a 1X and I only have it running at 1080, so shouldn't have any power issues at all
  2. I know this has already been posted a couple of times, but I have a video as well. Simply disconnecting power and the frames go back up. I started a brand new save with this update and have hardly any tethers down either, not even a full stack of 10.
  3. FACR Dwarfy

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    This update is far from half baked!!! This update is still worth having a look at, there’s massive changes with resources and recipes. There’s still a heap of things here that we can provide feedback on without terrain 2.0. If this update was bundled with new terrain, and an extra planet, it would be harder for the devs to keep track of what’s working/not working
  4. There’s still a bug when you either land on, or just orbit, radiated that leaves the Astroneer thinking he is in the middle of a storm. He runs slower, and has his hand over his face, until you go into a cave, then he returns to normal. once back out of a cave, he thinks he is in a storm again. save and exit, reload, all back to normal until you return to radiated of course
  5. Randomly I’ll get the below screen when I load the windows 10 version. If I hit escape, then exit to main menu, it generally reloads with normal lighting.
  6. FACR Dwarfy

    Build Cities

    I’m somewhat of a mad whovian, along with the wife. To the point we had a Doctor Who themed wedding
  7. If you open the catalog without having the backpack open first, there’s no cursor to be able to select the green accept button. no issues if you open the backpack first though
  8. Neither turbines do, believe it’s an unimplemented feature. Having said that, irl they shut them down if it’s too windy as well
  9. FACR Dwarfy

    Mineral availability

    You’ll find some in wreckage, but fairly sure you’ll only find deposits in the ground off planet.
  10. FACR Dwarfy

    Question before buy

    What’s to need? Youre missing out on a lot of great fun. Every month you basically get a brand new game. They are dropping decently sized updates each time. The dev team are doing a great job of making sure it’s worth getting at this early stage
  11. FACR Dwarfy

    Question before buy

    Crazy amounts of content has been added in the last year, with more to come this week. some resources are only available on other planets, but at this point those resources aren’t used for anything other than research bytes. Do yourself a favour, but the game, enjoy the intent that’s in it, then after the next update, restart and enjoy that content again. the longer you wait, the more you miss out on
  12. FACR Dwarfy

    Build Cities

    The Nestene Consciousness could make sure they came to life, and were hostile too!!!
  13. FACR Dwarfy

    Mineral availability

    Arid has lithium and titanium in the same wuantities at the surface as Terran does with resin and compound. Time to move your base!!!
  14. FACR Dwarfy

    Xbox one-stream-unable to build a shuttle

    Have you unlocked the blueprints?
  15. FACR Dwarfy

    Game won’t save on XBOX one

    I’m on Xbox as well but have only had that issue if I don’t have an internet connection. If the game crashes, itnusually goes back to the previous save, so I’ve started getting in and out of vehicles/habitats a lot more often