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  1. Sometimes truck flies when I just make it and is about to ride. *Confused*
  2. Yeah, vehicles in the game cause that problems, too. That's the reason my vehicles are far from my base.
  3. I think the system in the game is not perfect. When tethers crossed or are connected in diverse direction, the tethers seemed confusing. They might have some kinda complex algorithm so it can be crossed. I think the air connection will be fixed very soon.
  4. Yeah, they have a lot of tasks to do. Finding bugs, Fixing the bugs..
  5. Tethers are not working properly, they often stop working. (If it is related with sand storm, I would acknowledge that.) Another Air connection problem has found. When I expand my base far away to a habitat and reboot the game, all the connection got strange. It doesn't work well, like the tethers.