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  1. Wolfolo

    I don't think I can fix this

    Me too on Glacio, I'm stuck there because I'm exploring so I couldn't check the other planets
  2. It happen since before 0.5, when I start a new game I can see the rockets fire of the habitat while it's landing and shuttle engines too. After loading the savegame I can't see anymore the smoke/fire from rockets.
  3. Wolfolo

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    These are the ones I spotted so far: Almost all items swapped on the printer when cycling through options are put on the attachments top down, also happen in the backpack when an item is put away with TAB. When you die, your dead body appear near your last save point and is really small, but it is clickable and you can recover the items (you can't see them on the corpse backpack until you click on the slot). It's really easy to get killed by a vehicle if you un-mount while it's moving forward -- Windows 10 (1703), 16GB Ram, Nvidia 780GTX MSI, i7-5820k 3.30GHz, game installed on standard HDD Steam version Keyboard+mouse/XBox One S joypad
  4. Wolfolo

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    Never said that, you can just build another colony on the side of your first one using the habitat (maybe in future you will be able to upgrade the colony to build more things attached), you don't need to be in another planet, also since there are no challenges now but there is a problem with unlimited stuff from thin air, it could be temporarily limited to please who doesn't like other people do that exploit, I really don't care, I used to trade hydrazine to get some lithium on my second colony, but only one fuel condenser, one solar panel and no battery because I didn't have enough space into the dome I made on the arid planet, but I could find another way to achieve the same thing, like digging up half of the planet, which might take the same time. Having a talk and reason on things is always a good thing, also devs usually read and gather suggestions and ideas from these talks, until some dev doesn't say to stop because they want a feature like this for the final game or give another solution by themselves, then I don't think is a bad thing to continue talking about it, the only bad thing is when people only complain without giving suggestions or try to shut up other people.
  5. Wolfolo

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    But the abuse has an increased cost, needs exponentially more time and space, and for what? You spend a lot of resources you obtained by trading just to increment your trading speed instead of using a part of the same resources to build what you were looking for in first place, and if people want to just stockpile and build immense colonies just let them do that. Another thing it would be cool to limit the abuse could be a proper market to trade resources with random offers, so you might find that for 1 lithium you will need to deliver 8 copper, for 1 titanium you need 4 resin or 8 hydrazine and all change with time (now you place the offer as you want as you only have a conversion table), maybe once in a while you might find "somebody" who needs hydrazine because "he" is stuck in a planet without hydrazine and no resources to build a fuel condenser, and "he" just want to reload the shuttle and go away...
  6. Wolfolo

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    I would limit one fuel condenser per colony, you must then create more colonies to have other fuel condensers, along with their batteries, solar panels and wind mills, which are a nice investment of resources to just double the hydrazine production, also you need to unlock the habitat research or shuttle/spaceship to be able to fund new colonies...
  7. Wolfolo

    Switch between active aughments

    I could not agree more. As now the backpack with 8+2 slots is becoming really difficult to manage between tethers, batteries, oxygen tanks, beacons and augments to switch back and forth there is no more space for resources and one must rely to the truck every time he needs to explore further than one air tank from the base