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  1. I fixed my problem by making a ramp up to the upper chamber and powering it with the resources I still had sitting there. Now when I teleport to Surface Elevation 6 I arrive in the top chamber, but I can use either to leave.
  2. Playing on XBOX One with software version I'm on Glacio trying to finish up all chambers. I powered up two chambers and could travel between them fine. When I powered up the third chamber I look at the Odd Stone and I see two Bright Nodes (Surface Elevations 1 and 5), one Origin Node (Surface Elevation 6), and four Dim Nodes. When I travel to one of the first two powered nodes I only see one Bright Node and one Origin node, my third chamber (Surface Elevation 6) shows as a Dim Node. But the chamber is powered up, I can't re-power it so how am I going to get it to be a Bright Node to other chambers? I've reached a fourth node (I think it is Surface Elevation 2 since I just keep going West to the next chamber) but haven't powered it up yet so curious to see what happens there. I have gone to Interior Elevation but didn't power it up. I just noticed that there are two structures at Surface Elevation 6, one at the regular level that is powered up, and one higher combined into the top of the first that is dark.

    Screenshots Megathread

    A chunk of Tundra and it's atmosphere pass by:

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    I just hit this bug for first time after sculpting flat surface for Habitat. XBOX One build 0.2.10131.0 I placed Habitat on surface of Tundra but didn't make it a home, then pressed X while standing too close, climbed inside and game locked/crashed. Went back into saved game and terrain was back to original shape instead of flattened, even after a few saves of terraforming, although the poly details seem to only be partially loaded (since I can't step outside). The only control that responds is D-down which plants a tether just outside the Habitat. That saved game is useless until patch.

    Screenshots Megathread

    Made a cave just below surface of Arid, getting power from above ground.