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  1. Controller : Mouse/Keyboard Platform : Steam How it did happen : Transferring compound from the backpack to the building buy left click. How to reproduce : Set the bay to build the shuttle, have just 1 stack of compound on, and left click to the "bluish needed resources" indicator. Aditional info : The compound stack that I was trying to move to the building slot it actually moved there, I have also heard the snap sound but it disappeared right after touching the slot's snap point rendering it useless. Even after filling the other slots, still not viable to build the shuttle. Also, swapping to other vehicles doesn't give the stack of compound back and ofcourse doesn't let you build anything any more.
  2. Controller : Mouse/Keyboard Platform : Steam How it did happen : It just was on How to reproduce : No idea Aditional info : After re-logging it was fine
  3. Controller : Mouse/Keyboard Platform : Steam How it did happen : I was melting some minerals at the refinery and an incomplete stack jumped right to the side slot. How to reproduce : I think the building run out of batteries half of the way, but I can't remember for sure, I simply filled the 4 refinery active slots with the same material and it just happened. Aditional info : The slot still bugged and useless, I tried to fill all the slots up with the bugged material but the refinery works as if the slot wasn't there. I logged off and on a couple of times and the building keeps working but missing that point.
  4. Controller : Mouse/keyboard Platform : Steam How it happened : I setted a dynamite over some resources, I quitted then got back to the game and the hole made by the blast was still there and random resources (different to the previous ones) spawned over the void. How to reproduce : Go to a first layer of caves, set a dynamite, blast it, close the game and get back in less than 1 min.