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  1. The grind there or tactic is not dictated by my desire to grind it is because of the randomness if I want something to use in the game I have to grind away until I randomly get the ability/resource I need. So I do this so I can get to the desired researched item the quickest i can. Example i like to have a good stable source of power so I can start really exploring; so I like to combine Solar and Wind Turbine to supply batteries. All of those need to be "researched" and to get these I have to "crack" a lot of Research Pods currently so this seemed the quickest way to get to that ends. I'd rather be exploring and building/reshaping the land.
  2. First I am enjoying the game period, so far in Alpha it is better then some "complete" games I've purchased in recent history. I enjoy that the development team is actively working on the project and taking into consideration the feedback they are given [especially with the quick hot fix recently give the response to 154] So you should be proud development team of what you have here. I think the posts above are narrowing in on a gap with the game. With the mechanics of research there is something lacking, and I think this comes down to a "foggy" purpose of research. What is the goal you [development team] are trying to accomplish with the mechanics? One of the typical "theme" I've seen in the posts here on the forum is to get players to spread out and explore. If that is the case then I think the current guaranteed "tech" and random discoveries is not helping that purpose/goal. With the given mechanic of this "random" paradigm for research, I want to bring the most research pods of varying types to may Research platform as quickly as possible. Once I get something "good" from a color/type of research pod I stop collecting those and move on to a different type. I first harvest from any vegetation on the surface near me then I just drill straight down into caves just off my research platform. Then I just work clockwise around this tunnel looking for pods [and collecting raw materials as I go along] in an ever widening pattern. Sticking to the actual caves is unnecessary you can just bore a little while and end up in another "cave'. In this pattern I can find most of what I want without actually going very far and I use the "randomness" to get whatever is useful and move on to a different research pod pretty much ignoring they type anymore. So the mechanics of research is not encouraging me to venture out into the world but just the opposite, it is just turning into a grind to find the widest variety of research pods. Be careful of "grind" mechanics because many will get bored quickly with this once they realize this is going on. IMHO a mechanic that is more structured by a "tech research tree" or better multiple research trees dependent on what you discover put together. Then throw in some randomness within that structure to increase the variation between two different games. Now throw in the specific category of research pods and/or resources are more prominent in different terrains would encourage players to move around more away from their habs or even promote creating multiple hab sites for harvesting purposes. In my first real successful world I started doing this including making smooth roads between sites and I was having a blast but then I realized spreading out was just burning time instead of getting me to my tech goals. Now you take the ideas above and add in combining Research Pods into one to increase probability to have a successful research event you'll have players creating personal game goals and off exploring to find the combinations of pods to support those goals. This is one way I see of getting players to explore; pure randomness is antipathetic to the goal of getting players [most] to stick with the game long term and explore. I think basically an overall structured research mechanic with an overlay of randomness that can be modified by effort of the player would be more attractive to most players.
  3. Summary: 131 - Steam – After a save returned to game and resources and loose printed items missing Description: I had saved my game [mounted truck] and left to desktop. When I came back to the game I was still in my truck but when I went back to my home base all of my stockpiled resources and loose printed items were no longer in their bins [storage caves made near my smelter and printer]. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.2.10131.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: AMD A10-7850K Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G 3.70 GHz GPU: Radeon R7 RAM: 8GB Drive: Western Digital WD10 EXEX-00BN5A0 SATA 1TB
  4. Well hell, I just killed myself trying to get one to the surface with a full pack of malachite for no reason. Now I can not find my dead body >.< oh well lesson learned