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    Zip line

    i think it would be fun to attatch a line from one mountain to the other, and not worry about fall damage, but i dont know if the game engine can handle tethers at a distance
  2. Gzer0x

    Increased incentive to go to other planets

    I think i may have an idea for specifics. Even through research is possible from terran, perhaps vehicles like trucks, spaceships, and any future vehicles (or new tools- like what if there was a super drill, or farm tech, or super bombs) could use materials only found elsewhere? Like what if, instead of 4 copper, space ship was 4 "Unobtainiums" from Exotic and a truck was 4 "adimanium" from Arid or something. That way i research it, check my vehicle bay, and see items i can't find on terran.maybe one of those planets could never pass by terran. Even more, it might make sense to have some metals that smelt on less than 1:1. It's an artifical barrier, but it also means that i would have to learn to base build on places with no sun or no wind or no organics in order to make a super truck train.