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  1. This is my north pole node power source. As the sun is low on the horizon I need a solar placed high.
  2. Same here. It's a bug, don't worry. They'll fix it for next week.
  3. If you like this one idea, show your support and reply. ?
  4. Very, very few of us are unable to build flat surfaces and soil construct hasn't really taken off in the game. We need to be able to build large structures with ease and the best way to aid players will be to introduce a mold system. As a researchable item molds could transform this game to the levels of Minecraft creativity. Imagine being able to select a square flat surface which could be rotated in all axis and when confirming the location gets filled with soil from your canisters. Also you could introduce concrete or steel in the constructions depending how high and heavy the structure is. Also concrete could be used to stop boulders and plants appearing on player flattened surfaces. (Roadmap has water, so with clay and sand.. Maybe!) You can them open this to Steam Workshop so players can share and download creations direct into their game (Depending if all the materials and research the player has achieved/collected). The soil manipulation is the main feature of the game, so why doesn't it appear in the Roadmap for further development?
  5. Instead of giving all the tech/research to the Astroneer from day one, why not just give the basics and hide the rest in the wreckage littering the planets. This will provide a purpose to explore in the game. Resources isn't enough to travel to new plants. Well no, you don't need to travel at all. Just use the Trade Platform! So there isn't any point really. Maybe after beta the main purpose will be to just collect parts of a radio that are scattered on all the planets and once connected it will send a SOS signal, end of game and start new project. I hope not. Good work so far.
  6. Tanks- To fit on 2 connectors that have 4 times the capacity as canisters. Will not fit backpack. Filled with a Tank Mod! (hose/pipe). Attach to the top of a tank and then it will auto connect to the backpack if in range. (I bit like how the winch appears)
  7. Yes this is a bug. It should detect where your mouse pointer is to determine which operation to perform. It only detects what you used or picked-up last. If the game doesn't allow you to enter a seat, just detach and re-attach it. Then it will work. Personally the TAB function was best. I think they changed it to stop the seat travel bug (TAB and move mouse), but it still works with E and move mouse. A bit trickier, but it's still in the game. Just setup a macro on a mouse button to do it, if you have the time.
  8. Extra Large Storage is utterly pointless. Should be removed or redesigned so you can place medium storage with double connecting slots, like the rest of the platforms. Maybe rename it to Tool Storage instead.
  9. The Mineral Extractor Rover still isn't the best method as the Rover tends to move while drilling and you fall down the hole you just made. Using the Alignment Mod extracting down with your backpack full of canisters is still the best way.
  10. If you were marooned on the desert island you wouldn't be presented with a survival guide would you. That's what the DEVS have done with this game. You need to work it all out on your own or ask the nice people on the forums. Sometimes it's due to bugs. Minecraft didn't have a tutorial.
  11. I've unlocked it, but I can't build it with anything. Small and Medium fabricators, Printer and backpack. No Splitter! Anyone else having the same issue?