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  1. Hello This are points that i write since the CB/EA and till now here is nothing done! I think so you can frustate PC-Player / non Gamepad-Player. Meanwhile the development distinguished between LeftShift & RightShift LeftCtrl & RightCtrl LeftAlt & ReigtAlt LeftStrg & RStrg etc..... But Astroneer considered onnly the LeftKey variants!(?) So Player that play with the Curser Keys can´t use the Keys around that keys! So i can´t use RShift for modifier to fast collect Items. Also I cant Jump with Right Strg! (But wen i´m running i can jump!) There are some more cases, waht dosen´t work, so please for all Players how rebinding her Keycontrols, check all Cases in your Code and fix it please! THX
  2. Strike


    Hello Is still not fixed! Just as the sound settings are still back to zero. greetings Strike EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10
  3. Hello Now I had time to deal with the problem even further and I think that something has improved. However, it still does not work as it should. By default, Sprint is set to LeftShift and I can use LeftShift also by double occupancy items quickly pack in the backpack. If I leave it that way, I can pack the items quickly with RightShift. But since I put Sprinting on RightShift for me. This seems to disturb the double occupancy for quick collection. That means I can not use RightShift anymore for fast-gathering, which is a bug for me. Because what works for LeftShift, should work well for RightShift. Unless one builds the possibility to assign the keys all themselves. greetings Strike EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10
  4. Hello It is still the case that you can not repackage the control for the vehicle, for back and forth. It always stays on w and s. Needless to say, that's annoying because I need both hands on the keyboard. greetings Strike EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10