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  1. Hello This are points that i write since the CB/EA and till now here is nothing done! I think so you can frustate PC-Player / non Gamepad-Player. Meanwhile the development distinguished between LeftShift & RightShift LeftCtrl & RightCtrl LeftAlt & ReigtAlt LeftStrg & RStrg etc..... But Astroneer considered onnly the LeftKey variants!(?) So Player that play with the Curser Keys can´t use the Keys around that keys! So i can´t use RShift for modifier to fast collect Items. Also I cant Jump with Right Strg! (But wen i´m running i can jump!) There are some more cases, waht dosen´t work, so please for all Players how rebinding her Keycontrols, check all Cases in your Code and fix it please! THX
  2. Strike


    Hello Is still not fixed! Just as the sound settings are still back to zero. greetings Strike EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10
  3. Hello Now I had time to deal with the problem even further and I think that something has improved. However, it still does not work as it should. By default, Sprint is set to LeftShift and I can use LeftShift also by double occupancy items quickly pack in the backpack. If I leave it that way, I can pack the items quickly with RightShift. But since I put Sprinting on RightShift for me. This seems to disturb the double occupancy for quick collection. That means I can not use RightShift anymore for fast-gathering, which is a bug for me. Because what works for LeftShift, should work well for RightShift. Unless one builds the possibility to assign the keys all themselves. greetings Strike EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10
  4. Hello It is still the case that you can not repackage the control for the vehicle, for back and forth. It always stays on w and s. Needless to say, that's annoying because I need both hands on the keyboard. greetings Strike EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10
  5. Hello I play with the cursor keys and so I have up and down on the cursor keys up and down. This works while running, but unfortunately not with the vehicles! Regards EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10 Ps .: Please take the double assignments of the keys for mouse and keyboard player. That's really cruel! The first version of Astroneer was so good because it was easy to handle, understand and self-explanatory (Intuitive because of its Lego technique). Unfortunately it has lost for me. It has become much too interlaced and no longer self-explanatory. A great example of confusion is also Crafting. You never know when you unlock something, if you can build it at all, because you need something else and then guess what!
  6. EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10
  7. Strike


    EA (Alpha) - Steam PC Win 10
  8. Strike


    Hello This Bug exists to my grief, unfortunately still! And yes, I have already deleted all settings files, the problem still remains! In addition, I have the problem synonymous with the sound, as all volumes are always at 0!
  9. Hello This "Error/Bug" exists to my grief, unfortunately still!
  10. Hello So I think I was misunderstood. It's not about the basic brightness, or the contrast. As you can read in the header it is about the temporal relationship of the day and night phases. When it is daytime, the game is quite bright enough. When it's dark, it's just "fair" dark. Only it is just in my view too little and too short day and then to long night! You do not come to anything anymore, just in the beginning when exploring. In the dark, the visibility is so extremely limited, that there is not really anything to explore! (Caves logically excluded!) With the lamps that you can build (anytime), I can illuminate a small area in front of me and they are really great in caves, but when exploring the surface rather useless, I can not shine so far into the distance to see where I could find something interesting. Since also helps me your suggestion to "cheat" not! :D Thank you Strike Ps .: Yes, that with the version, I had already noticed (still had old text in the clipboard;)), but unfortunately you can not improve or change the post after a few minutes anymore.
  11. Thats not a Bug! This Items are "easter Eggs" ... only thinks where you can be happy to have found her. (there are a few more such things, but I do not want spoiler )
  12. Hello So I did not measure the day and night phases extra, but when I notice it so much, then definitely something has changed! It seems like it's just dark. Naturally, a darkness is always more noticeable than when it is light, but that is not a feeling at the moment, it is simply mostly dark. For this I have to say, if you want to make a "dark planet" out of the starting planet, then there are definitely too few possibilities to illuminate or illuminate the surroundings. For me it was just so annoying right now when testing the Rover update, that I stopped playing. Please think again the time or the ratio of times. Or think about whether for the starting planet the times for the player himself adjustable. greetings Strike Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119
  13. Hello I already know that this topic will call for discussion, whether one may judge this as an error or not. Now for some reason I think .... Yes. So I thought so all the time, the modifier button Shift would have flown out of the game. But, today when testing the "Rover version" I find in the Help just this hint that you can collect objects directly with Shift. Well what should I say, but it did not work for me! After a few reflections, I came up with the idea, then I try the other shift key. Behold, with the key it worked. That means summarized, the shift key is queried only for the left shift, but not for the rights. But since I am one of the few players playing with the cursor keys, of course that's not great. Here you should therefore please extend the query to both shift keys. I think that would be enough. If you want to make it more "professional", give the key to the key bindings. greetings Strike Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Rover Update (