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  1. otavioreis - Immortal Plant!

    It's floating too...
  2. I have used more than 10 explosives on it...
  3. I always have to change the volume, the game is not saving my preferences... Every single time that I open the game all the volumes are set as 0.
  4. I am having the same problem too...
  5. I bought the game as soon as it was released and I played a lot at the time, but I spent years without playing it and this weekend I played a lot again... Here are my considerations about the game so far... First I would like to say that I enjoyed a lot the new research system, graphics, and general improvements, but I still found a lot of bugs that I'll enumerate here... Tethers - Since it was released this was a problem in the game, but I must admit that you have improved it a LOT, but is still a problem because if you still place a lot of them the game starts lagging. Terrain cracking - It was a big problem, but I am still seeing this problem happening, it happens when your save starts having more than 10 hours of continuous play. Multiplayer - Again I would like to say that it has improved a lot, but yesterday I was playing from a guy that lives in Central America and his ping was high, so when I left the rover it started spinning crazily and I spent almost 30 min trying to recover my rover... Planets divided - While I was on the space the planets were split in half... Saving the game - If you are the host of the game, everytime someone (that`s not you) enters in a vehicle, the game saves - As a host, I would like the game saves just when I enter in a vehicle, not others. Flying around the vehicle - Sometimes when you are playing with other people, when you enter the vehicle you float next to the vehicle and does not sit on the chair. Just a small suggestion Car upgrades - I would like to have a possibility to add a turbo on the rover or rocket engines like you can do with the terraforming tool. Small flying vehicles to explore the planet - this would be awesome, something like a helicopter. That's pretty much it... I know that you are working hard to improve the game, this is just to help you. Thank you!
  6. otavioreis

    what is this thing

    Undeveloped object... No function and no implementation yet.
  7. Hello Devs, Don't you think that all the wind turbines should work on the wind storm? Thanks
  8. otavioreis

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Fantastic work! Congratulations for your dedication in this project!
  9. otavioreis

    Multiple Galaxies in the Game

    Oh I didn't know that :D...
  10. otavioreis

    Skills/Backpack Upgrades

    Hello devs, I don't know if people here agree, but I miss someway of upgrading the backpack, maybe for a large amount of resources to increase the difficulty of doing it. After spending some hours into the game I think that will be amazing to walk more freely in the game to collect new resources or just to explore, but I miss a better backpack, since sometimes it's hard to take the vehicles everywhere that you are going... Thank you
  11. otavioreis

    Multiple Galaxies in the Game

    This idea is in their roadmap, I am not so sure how the game was developed, but as I saw the games are not randomly generated, actually they had handcrafted each one of them, as you can see in this video...
  12. otavioreis

    Can we talk about hunger?

    I agree, but as a game option... Hunger and water, maybe...
  13. otavioreis

    Idea on multiplayer

    Hello developers, I don't know how the code was implemented, but I have the impression that in the beginning the host sends his save and then you start the multiplayer game... I am pretty sure that this file is not compacted while sending it, because if I am trying to enter into a multiple hours progress game it took some time to join... Can you zip this file on the server and then send it to the client, and after receiving it just decompress and start the multiplayer game? This way will save us some time and bugs... I am sorry if I am saying something that you are already doing! Thank you for the awesome work. Best wishes! Otávio A. Reis
  14. otavioreis

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    Hello, I keep having some problems after loading the game, but if I close the game and reload the problem is fixed... Some problems that I had until now: 1) Planet cracking with some gaps while I am moving... (3 times) 2) While I was in the caves some sort of curtain appeared, it looked like a wall but it was possible to go through it (1 time) 3) Fps still dropping after a couple hours playing. Thank you for the great work until now!
  15. otavioreis

    Orbiting the CoreBase

    Amazing job dude!