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  1. Sean McIntire

    XB1 - Rover/Truck can't attach umbilical to base

    Ive had the same issue. Are you sure its the orientation of the rover?? Ive notice it doesnt like to connect when its at a certain distance or farther..even tho the imbilicle hologram pops up. Moving it closer to your attach point solved it for me.
  2. Sean McIntire

    Rovers With Tank Tracks

    Thatd be legit
  3. Sean McIntire


    Id like this...especally if it was a planet i could travel too..instead of having a land habitat..just have different one for water. Buildable from the printer as normal
  4. Sean McIntire

    Terrain As resource feedback and suggestion

    I still like the digging...just..once we harvest the resources..let us place it into a bankteller style tube that transfers it back to base for collection later. So i can just keep need to return to base an empty my limited space backpack
  5. Sean McIntire


    I wouldnt mind..but i can see a major issue with it...being...makes exploring semi in..No risk of dying because youre still at base. I know the rover has unlimited o2..but that may change. But.. I still like the idea. Would be neat if something like that could place tethers or work lights for me.
  6. Sean McIntire

    Remove rover middleman when connecting solar array

    I dont see why they dont add attach points and let us lift it onto the rover for transport/placment on top of a 2point base extention. Could use the crane. If no placment capable...Linking should be determined by distance and angle to connect node. Just like a rover. As of astroneer can move it...and it likes to stick to the rover as it glitches through. I havnt made a crane or a wench yet.
  7. Nice method of testing steepness. I dont think they can go back...i think they seem heavier to comvat the gravity issues they are facing. What they chould do however is add a terrain tool augment to create rover ramps at perfect climbing steepness, if this is the case.
  8. Sean McIntire

    Add an Eclispe

    In honor of the eclipse today. I'll second this.
  9. Sean McIntire

    Rovers With Tank Tracks

    I personally wouldnt want a 'bigger rover with tracks...but a small one would be neat. Like smaller than a medium rover almost atv size. 2 attach points, embeded driver seat and no base connectors. My 2 cents
  10. Does the inhibitor augment destroy hostile plants?
  11. Remove the heavy bass heartbeat during the low o2 audio and apply it to walking around normally. Keep heartbeat for when you get low as the reminder. The audio got stuck while exiting to menu and i was thinking itd be cool to have the darthvader style breathing effect while exploring. I are in a space suit. And i think itd make the game a lil more immersive
  12. Sean McIntire

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Cannot connect rover to base. Only thing attached to rover is 1 solar(not mounted to an end) and a 1seat. The hologram cable acts like its connected already. So when i click on makes the detatch animation. I experienced this first while attempting to attach a solar array to my base that i found nearby...i thought it was an issue of placment. But it seems to be like this ever since latest update.
  13. Has this been suggested before? I would really like to be able to not sacrifice a rover to connect a sollar array to my base. Seems like a waste of a good rover.
  14. Sean McIntire

    coop pc xbox live gold

    If on windows 10. The xbox app should work. Provided your pc can connect to the xbox via LAN. I also believe you need two seperate xbl accounts that have the game license. Astroneer is crossplatform. So one license would be accessed from pc wheres the other from the xbox. One can either invite to a loaded game or join the other once their game has loaded and they are on their world walking about. Hope this helps