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  1. I attached the wind turbines to solar powered platforms, then to more turbines, then to the base (at which point the O2 flowed through the cables). Wind may or may not have been blowing at the time of connection, can't remember. Wasn't using any power anywhere. A while later I began using power on one of the platforms, and on one stretch of cable half of the reading was full power, the other half was showing the actual power usage (mostly red). As is shown in the screenshots, only one cable had the issue; the other side of the two afflicted wind turbines showed the correct power usage. Not a game breaking problem, just an interesting graphical bug. EDIT: not the best screenshot I just realized. You can barely see the yellow on the left side of the wind turbine, where it should be red. That's the bug, though its kinda hard to see maybe.
  2. That smallest, almost segway-themed rover looks awesome. We could put a drillhead on there and just drive into the side of cliffs. We need a boring machine that can just be driven into a wall to go straight through. The dune-buggy rover (2nd smallest) also looks awesome; I fully support a rover that can be used for single person transport at high speeds. Imagine the crazy stunts we could do with those and a hand-crafted course! As for that giant rover, maybe players could put a single base module on them? Maybe we could put a landing pad on one, so we can have a mobile landing spot for our spaceships? I'd be all about that. I'd give the largest one treads instead of wheels though, maybe like a sand crawler? (KeeblerOrc, the day we get sandcrawlers may be coming soon haha)
  3. GizmoGomez

    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    Please please please update the Recent News section of the Steam page with this: as you're already aware, our Steam-y friends are giving bad reviews for lack of content updates. Well, simply provide them with this announcement thing, and all future ones, and it should help fix the problem. I also suggest putting the vlogs and the Q&A sessions in the Steam page Recent News thing as well; lets show them that this game isn't stalled. Now, I'm off to play this new update. I love the idea of the alignment augment; thank you!
  4. GizmoGomez


    I support this 100%
  5. GizmoGomez

    More Fauna + EXO Suit (Drawings)

    The creature in the bottom left looks like it's smiling! Also, don't worry about speaking "bad English"; it looks great to me! (haha you should hear my Spanish; now that's really bad)
  6. GizmoGomez

    In dire need of...

    Hover the cursor over your astroneer; a compass will appear. As for always keeping the wiki open, I learned to play just by playing and learning as I went along. I thought that was pretty fun, honestly, and hadn't ever thought about opening the wiki before trying something out. That being said, I'm sure they'll work on the UI to be more user-friendly in the future. Right now they're focusing on foundational frameworks and such, but it'll come. As for research, it's getting totally overhauled in the future. I want to say near future (since we've seen them working on it in the vlogs Joe puts out every week) but I don't know when it'll be finished. Rest assured that the issues with research you bring up are being dealt with. ^^
  7. GizmoGomez

    Split-screen co-op for consol

    Who knows what magics the devs will be able to cook up for us! I'd also appreciate this (and if we could get co-op on PC too, that'd be great!) I'm a tad skeptical simply due to performance issues; the more players on a single console, the worse the performance is. For example, Halo 5 doesn't have split screen because adding it would require each screen to get 30 fps instead of 60, which is what the main game runs. The devs at 343 thought that 60 fps were more important, so they didn't include split screen. They've since recognized their mistake and will be including it in the next Halo game (thankfully). Splitscreen astroneer would be really awesome, but only if it's optimized well enough for consoles to be capable of doing it. Maybe Project Scorpio could?
  8. GizmoGomez

    Lack of content

    I'm not sure if you've been keeping up to date with what the devs are saying (in the vlogs, the friday Q&A sessions, etc), but the focus has been on creating a solid foundation from which to build everything else. There hasn't been huge new content in the past months precisely because they don't want to release anything until there's a good base for it all to sit on. Once that base (which includes Terrain 2.0, Research 2.0, Modularity, etc) is securely in place, the new content will start to flow again. A person posted a question on the Steam community page and on reddit that lead to Joe, System Era's comms guy, giving this reply (see below). If you don't want to read it all, here's the last paragraph. You should at least read this: We also know that we are up against a clock. (This is the first place I am saying this but f#k it) Our next update (not this week's ) is going to introduce completely new game mechanics and content, as will every one after that going forward. I am super excited. Our gamble is paying off, and now the game will be in a much better state to keep going for a long long time.
  9. GizmoGomez

    " SpaceRail " ( Idea Expanded )

    This thread (that I started a while ago) threw out a similar idea, among a few others. Pasting a link here as food for thought, in case it's helpful.
  10. GizmoGomez

    Speed control--refresh control

    Because this happens in real time, I dunno how this would work if there were players on the ground. Would the sky speed up for the flying dude but the ground stays the same for the walking dude? Maybe a longer range space ship is what would fix this; research better engines or something to increase range.
  11. GizmoGomez

    Remove rover middleman when connecting solar array

    Yes yes a thousand times yes. Also, maybe make them repairable or something so you can affix them to the ground without needing to bury them with sand (which is buggy for me).
  12. GizmoGomez

    [Suit Upgrades and the "Compressor"]

    That, and jet packs because awesome. I'd make a jump pack, personally, so you can boost yourself up out of a hole or whatever. Modular suits may indeed be coming, and we might get some of these ideas implemented in some manner or another. I'm hoping we'll be able to improve our suit's O2 tank, either though more efficient usage or a straight storage capacity upgrade. I'm a fan of not suffocating while exploring haha
  13. Check out the patch 199 announcement; there's a prototyping section that mentions research and a more deliberate method of getting stuff. That, and a screen shot someone took of there being a research point counter on the screen in an internal build, indicates that a list of researchable things that can be unlocked using points may very well be on its way.
  14. GizmoGomez

    New tyres for the large rover

    *genuine lol*
  15. GizmoGomez

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Good sound design can make or break a game. Also, happy you guys have been working on multiplayer. Ty!