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  1. well i colonized all the different types of planets with the exception of a glitchy, extra exotic planet that would not let me land. i built all stations and at least two trucks on each. Since the trading platform removed the need for actually mining, i just traded coal, titanium, and materials i got from other planets for resources i needed at the time. I guess i could set up more habitats to colonize more of the planets, but that would be terribly boring and uneccessary since i no longer need research orbs or in that case anything that the planet has to offer. Even though the replayability is harshly limited, i still do play with my friends when im bored and do plan to play when the game is updated.
  2. Right now you can basically beat the game in less than a week, as new things are added this will change slightly, but i suggest adding things like upgrade stations (for improvments of tools and vehicles over time), maybe even skill point upgrades. This will really end up helping the replayability of the game too.