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  1. The 2nd picture is not of the random flying house icon that was mentioned. Its just showing how high I built up.
  2. *Pictures below taken with my horrible phone camera* Last night one of my trucks disappeared right before my eyes and thought it was gone. Today I looked up in the sky and saw 3 dot icons way high up. I drove close amd saw it was my missing truck and rover trailer. I started building the ground very high to try and reach them but the higher I built, the higher the floating vehicles went. The wheels were also detached and floating apart from the truck. Another thing happened as I was building; a house icon randomly flew across the sky then disappeared.
  3. Heres the video I took on Xbox One 20170317_112710_s01.mp4
  4. Nope jumping out and back in doesnt help. The Rover just jumps in the air when dismounting and still cant be driven. This is on Xbox One
  5. When I have a Solar (dish) connected to the front of a Rover and if I get too close to a connecting point where it previews a big blue transparent tube connecting points together, the Solar instantly falls off. It happens every time I get close enough to a connecting point. 20170317_113648_s02.mp4
  6. This is a bug that I can recreate anytime. If you place a Seat on the ground it will inflate on the bottom. When you sit on it it will launch in whichever direction off the ground with you in it. When you press X to get out, the Seat launches itself very high or far away in the air and you have to chase after it to get it back. One time the Seat placed on a base platform launched itself and me in it like i was taking off in a ship and i got out and fell from way up in the sky. I havent been able to do this part again, but the one where the Seat launches itself once dismounted happens every time. Dismounting the Seat while attached to the Rover may also be why the Rover jumps up in the air. ***This Seat launching bug may be the issue itself as to why it affects the Rover sometimes from being able to move forward or backwards, and just slide in a small radius*** 20170317_110604_s01.mp4
  7. This doesnt happen every time but it happens enough to where this bug needs some serious attention. The frequent times this does happen, the rover cannot be driven at all. All I can do it move the left thumbstick left or right to slide the Rover in that direction. Forward and Reverse do not work at all so the Rover is stuck in that turning radius by sliding in a circle. Ive only noticed this happening when the Rover is near your base and has lines connecting to it from platforms/tethers. I tried removing tethers nearby but it didnt help. I tried removing the seat and putting it back on but nothing. I have not found a way to get around this bug yet.
  8. I have come across a bug where you auto-move whether on foot or driving a Rover (havent been in a Shuttle yet). If you are moving and press start, your chatacter will not stop moving even after youve pressed start again. The only way to stop is if you move the left thumbstick in the opposite direction. I can recreate this every time.