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  1. I like to have my favorite games as shortcuts on my desktop, so I made Astroneer a shortcut and the icon is... lacking. I think it could use a little polish... Just a suggestion!
  2. I have, but only briefly. I explored a couple different planets (radiated, arid, and a moon I believe?) but found literally nothing on them worth anything, just a bunch of compound and resin. But hey, I'll snag a shuttle on my new playthrough and see what I can find. See, I've gone so deep into Terran that I gave up because I never found anything better than the aluminum ore deposits. I'm probably just unlucky. I'll have to get a shuttle on my new playthrough and head to space again.
  3. So, over my hours playing this game, I've come to believe that the coal generator is by and large useless. Coal is as valuable as lithium and titanium, which are both much more useful, so I almost never would choose to funnel my resources into collecting coal. The coal generator requires 2 copper to build instead of just 1 copper for the organic generator, which makes it less likely for me to want to build. The coal generator may generate more energy, but this doesn't matter. When coal is as scarce as it is, and costs so much to produce, why build a coal generator at all when I can find grass anywhere to power a set of organic generators? Perhaps coal should be found in a similar fashion to finding Malachite or other resources, then I might be inclined to keep a coal generator around. Thanks for reading!
  4. So while I built my 2nd base (the 1st one was a mess and so the 2nd was me attempting to make a more efficient base), the sprawl became pretty bothersome. To use so much resin to continue building your base outwards made it somewhat of an eyesore. It would be nice if you could place, taller, rectangular bricks on top of the nodes of your base to allow you to place generators, solar panels, etc. onto a taller building-like structure. These would look similar to storage, but would be cube-like, or rectangular, and would allow you to put several things on each side of it. This way, instead of having 6 nodes connected together to house my solar panel grid, I could have 1 or 2 nodes with expanders on them to make my power grid more condensed. Thanks for reading!
  5. This bug I have experienced many times, and, like many bugs, it can be quite useful. I typically climb all of the tall mountains near my base to put beacons on them so I can find my way home. This most often requires digging a trail to the summit. After I have placed my beacon, the trip down the mountain is treacherous, because the character tends to 'skid' down surfaces that are steeper than only about a 20 degree angle, or so. So, when I go into steeper caves, or down mountain, my little astronaut slips and slides very quickly down the slope, which can often lead to shooting right over an unexpected edge at fast speeds, launching me to my death. This 'skidding' can be stopped easily by moving in the opposite direction, and if you have a good, not so dangerous path, it can be handy for moving down slopes quickly, although the fall damage tends to hurt you quite bad even on a flat slope (you get hit with fall damage even on little bumps while you are 'skidding' because you go so fast). Obviously this isn't a game-breaking bug or anything, but rather an interesting feature(?) that could be better if it were streamlined / improved. Thanks!
  6. I started a new game, then rushed to build myself a truck with a 1-seat to explore my planet. So I built the truck at the vehicle bay, made the 1-seat at the printer, put it on the vehicle, and then every time I used 'tab' to drive the vehicle it would wildly glitch out and fly through the air, colliding with other objects. I built a rover and tested it on the rover as well and it still caused this glitch. Then I went to the vehicle bay and used that to put a 1-seat onto the rover [might have reverted my save to prior to putting the printer 1-seat on the rover, unsure], and the vehicle bay 1-seat worked just fine on the rover. I then built another truck at the vehicle bay, placed a vehicle bay 1-seat onto it, and the truck worked fine as well. It appears that the printer 1-seat modules cause my vehicles to glitch out and launch around in strange manners. Hopefully this helps, I can provide more info if necessary.