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    falling through map

    I figured out (on Xbox) that I was falling through the map after exiting the shuttle because there's a 5 to 10 second draw - render delay after landing. So if I wait until everything visible renders, I don't fall through.
  2. On Xbox, I'm experiencing repeated crashes while saving and frame rate / performance issues which I think are linked. It begins immediately after constructing trucks. The frame rate and draw distance drop dramatically. Saves begin to lag. And the game repeatedly crashes while trying to save. It seems like it consistently occurs when the frame rate drops really low and the camera is moving when attempting to save. But there's still a long lag during saves when I make sure all motion has stopped. Any suggestions?
  3. Duran Flux

    falling through map

    I'm on XBO and I've had two repeated experiences with falling through the map. First, when landing on new planets I fall through the map every time I exit the shuttle. I float around for 30 to 45 seconds before spawning in a cave. And when moving research objects underground, they'll sometimes get caught on large plants, rock formationstar, etc and if I don't quickly let go I'll fall through the map.