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    First of all I really love this game i play it every day but It would be cool if there was different minerals on different planets so that it would make it more fun and more encouraging to explore different planets There should be thrusters that you can build out of aluminium and lithium so that you could easily get out of holes and you can have a fueling station of some sort so that you can use coal of hydozene to fuel up your thrusters
  2. also love the game i play it everyday
  3. When on multiplayer when a the second player gets off of the game and gets back on all of their stuff has exploded into the last place they were When underground and you close yourself in using the excavation too you fall through the earth and you either float back up of eventually suffocate and die Diffrent plants should have diffrent recources so that it would make exploring new planets more needed/fun On multiplayer when you save the game or research something new it only shows the main player what you have discovered or that the game was saved