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  1. So I have rented n official server from Nitrado now I have to say I use Nitrado for all my gaming servers and never had any problems with them so I know its not their doing. Before anyone goes on about computer is too slow, Specs here (and no I am not using WiFi its just on the board) After 35+ hours on the dedicated server here are the bugs so far. After travelling in a shuttle from one planet to another after you land you can not pull out your excavator (E) you have to re-log this is an intermittent fault that everyone has had to deal with so far on our server, this gets very frustrating. On re-log the server is sometimes completely missing from the list, trying to re-add it back manually just gives an error telling you the server does not exist, the only way we have found to totally clear this issue it to reboot the machine, not even a steam re-log solves this issue. Travelling from one planet to another sometimes causes your shuttle to disappear and your left hanging in space, again a re-log solves this issue. On the planet, Falling through the map, this happens more frequently the further your get away from the starting planet, also floor disappearing from under us showing the inside of the planet and the resources hanging in mid air. Walking in place and getting stuck on invisible objects, this probably coincides with rubber banding too and this happens even if I am alone on the server its terrible. Random disconnects, menu telling us the server is offline when it clearly is not, have had it kick me out telling me there is no connection to the host but there are players still in the server happily playing away, then to go an try and log back in only for the menu to tell me that the server is offline, shutting down steam and restarting it is the only way to clear this off. Benches, resources, vehicles even rocks having a mind of their own jumping up spinning around in the sky then poof gone. Backpack issues, gathering resources just vanish sometime after you get in a vehicle and drive somewhere else getting off the vehicle and your backpack in now empty you can start refilling it again, great thnx for that. The Icons at the bottom of the backpack printer shake and again the further out you get on different planets the worse it gets, it looks like they are trying to escape now its just too funny. Boinggggg The research chamber popout display no longer works there is an intermittent display flicker before the screen goes off so you cant see what its doing, maybe water has gotten in there or a bit of dirt on the contacts, that needs sorting out asap. Ping!!! I am sure there are many other bugs in this pre alpha, wait no its 3 years in the making disaster, I will add to this post as we find more thing broken, I am so glad we didn't live stream the server launch (facepalms).