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  1. First of all i'm going to start by saying i love the game so far its beautiful and fun but i have some gripes. The camera first of all is almost impossible to control i find myself fighting with it constantly, when not holding anything like the mining tool or researchable things, the camera is fine it does what a camera should do in a game which is look where you point it but when holding anything it has a habbit of flying round in the direction the cursor is placed, i.e if its on the side of the screen it will spin without input. Now i dont know anything about game development so i dont know how easy or hard this is to do but simply making it so the camera moves only when you move the cursor would be perfect as opposed to having the camera chase the cursor. My second point is a short one just a toggle sprint because when playing on a console trying to sprint while holding down the left thumb stick is unbearable and genuinely hurts, please change. Lastly i would like to say about the mining tool when trying to rebuild terrain or flatten is incredibly hard to do (admittedly this is partly down to camera problems) it just doesnt do what i want it to for instance the flatten tool shouldn't raise the ground when just on one spot it should stay at the same hight it started at and bring the terrain around it to the same level and i find that raising the ground is far too quick and uncontrollable. Thank you for reading and if any others have similiar gripes or ideas for annoying little problems please post and hopefully we can be heard.