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  1. Fellows! My son have a Switch and I would like to see Astroneer on the Switch, that would be great !!!! Look, Lego is placing Lego Worlds on the Switch and trust me, that game is beefier and buggier than anything else.
  2. Hi, I know it sounds 'vague', please can you guys improve the joystick feedback? It seems a dew microseconds behind, sometimes you have to press twice, and sometimes it seems to buffer the first press. Also, the controls to place materials in pods seems awkward or getting into an extension, I mostly get into backpack mode to be able to select base expansion nodes. So take some time into that. and I have to move around to find the rose expander plug on the screen since the backpack makes to 96% of the screen. You could assign the D-Pad to select things, elements into focus, because using the right stick not always works. Regards, Vitorio.
  3. Hi, Please, we need to save and restore capability on Xbox One. I have to restart my game all the time since I don't have save/restore capability. Best Regards, Vitorio.