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    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    Good Morning Earlier game saves were not current before Release 5.0. The same thing happened today when I signed in. The hard drive where the game resides has 237 GB of free space so this is not the problem. Oddly this has happened in the past, as now, just before I venture offworld.
  2. MrCharonSr

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    As a part time game player I enjoy the game overall. I read the article in CPU magazine and downloaded the game immediately. Now for my comments which are limited to the PC version. The latest patch has improved graphics and faster run speed. Researching nearly everything is a giant pain. I have limited time for game play, although my wife would not agree, and the earlier versions gave me the tools I needed to play faster. Now resources are much more scarce and research fails to deliver a reasonable return on my time investment. Speaking of research the need to research most of the standard use items is troubling. Overall the latest update shows the ongoing effort in programming is providing a better game play experience. I will continue to play, although it will take me considerably more time to accomplish the game goals.